Why Is F16a and Mig29 Not 12.3

Does gaijin in their infinite wisdom not realize that 11.0s like the mig21bis family, j8b, f4e, mig23m etc all regularly have to face f16s which is a gross disadvantage in avionics and flight performance. There is no reason for this farce, theres plenty of much better suited 11.3s like the mig23ml etc that have a much better chance against a mig29 or f16… Hopefully next patch will fix the extreme br compression for 11.0s

Skill issue

Its called a uptier of course they planes will be better

the difference in flight performance between a mig21bis and f16a is staggering, not a skill issue at all. 11.0 br compression is particularly bad

First off, they fire R-60Ms and AIM-9Ls respectively.
Second, there are at most 4 of them on each team.
Third, this is a team based game. So me in my Mig-21Bis will do fine against F-16A when I’m sticking with my team as I should.

There is no reason for Mig-29 and F-16A to be 12.3.

War Thunder isn’t 1v1s.
And this isn’t BR compression in this case.


Yes. It is 1v31