Why is Drone altitude spawn still so high?

Do drones IRL operate so high up?

Why would you operate a drone at high altitude where it can be detected?

Can the option to change spawn to a lower altitude at least be added as a second spawn if you’re unwilling to adjust it?

drones normally operate at 50,000 ft or 15 km up, so its lower than what it should be irl


Let’s lower it a little more so they’re more functional.

they are at a good altittude already it gives time for SPAA to counter them so they can appear in their radar and even so most of times you can still kill 2 players with the drones

Spawning the drone at its current altitude puts it out of attack range yet high and obvious for enemy attack. Low altitude would both delay immediate retribution as revenge CAS while also providing survivability.

Drones no longer spawn below 11.3 SPAA doesn’t need time to counter them.

huh wdym it dosent need to counter them? they are still drones wich can top attack your roof with no problems and a lot of radars dont have enough vertical range to first detect them and lets not say that some countries top spaa are not even above 10.0 so its more than enough time for you to react to them lock and then fire

Yes and they are able to be instantly detected at their current altitude both visually and on radar.

This should not be the case.

if you made it reallistic so they cant be detected it would be like day one when they came out

I’m not asking for them not to come up on radar.

I’m asking for them to be spawned at an altitude that means they won’t instantly be shot down by a Pantsir.

Drones remain unusable.

Drones spawn ~9.000 meters from the battlefield yet their payload has a max range of 8,000 meters

This means there is a 1,000 meter gap before they can even fire. This is also ignoring the travel time required for ATGMs to reach their target.

Drones are currently unusable at the altitude with which they are spawned. This needs to be either lowered or the spawn brought forward to allow immediate firing.

Excellent. A widely detested addition to the game.

Yes it was. This was due to there being no SPAA which can counter it at the BR range it was originally placed at. It can no only be found in 11.3+ games. This removes its previous issue.

Drones are an expensive CAS option that allows players who haven’t taken months of time to grind Air to have a taste of its abilities. Two hellfire missiles for 750 SP is an insanely high cost, and it should be considering it’s a free spawn and you didn’t have to grind to access it.

Hellfires themselves are generally not a guaranteed kill unless striking light vehicles. Being equipped with only two of them they are not a comparable threat to for example an Apache with 16 Hellfires or a Ka-50 with 16 Vihkrs.

Drones at 11.3+ spawn 10,000 meters from the battlefield and are 3,000 meters in the air. This puts them out of firing range for their missiles by 2,000 meters and gives them a very easy radar signature. It is unrealistic for drones to operate at this distance. Their spawn should be adjusted to compensate for their lack of mobility / flares.

The other option being to remove them entirely from the game which I don’t view as necessary. Drones do not pose the same level of potential as regular CAS now that they aren’t placed at 9.7

Oh, i guess we want to buff cas now lol

If something is going to be in the game it should be functional.

Drones at this current point are not functional.

They work fine for me. Only thing i dont like about playing them is that sometimes the missiles fail to do a lot of damage.

“They work fine for me” is an inane comment that ignores any factual truth of the mechanic.

They work fine when no SPAA is spawned, if a SACLOS SPAA is spawned it will make short work of you unless the player does not know how to play and ignores your existence.

Just stating how it is for me.

You are stating that in your average match SPAA is not spawned. That is not representative of what is being discussed. The mechanic of spawning drones at an altitude which puts them both outside of the range of their weapons while being visible and in range for SACLOS SPAA is not balanced and should be changed.