Why is Drone altitude spawn still so high?

How about this. Revert the spaa nerf, then give drones a second spawn zone.

The SPAA nerf was due to the addition of the Pantsir

They’re not going to remove the Pantsir

That wasnt the reason. It is just another thing were gaijin thinks they are adding a neat realistic mechanic without thinking about how it will fuck over the game. Like when they added the mechanic where your pilot would pull less when hurt. It had to he removed because if your pilot took any amount of damage, your plane was stuck pulling no more than like 2Gs.

I disagree.

It is the reason they gave. It is also true that it is more “realistic” but there are realistic things that are not healthy for a video game.
If you think they are lying about everything, you can believe that. I just think that they dont always think through what they put out.

Drone spawn remains too high to be functional.

If you are unwilling to make the feature functional remove it from the game.

Drones spawn 3500 meters high and 11 KM away from the battlefield.

Their weapon range is 8 KM

Enemy SPAA can easily dispatch them before they are within range. The spawn zone for drones needs to be adjusted.

Why do you keep changing your story lmao

Where did I change my “story”?

What is my “story”?

Let’s see, First you said “Drones spawn - 9.000 meters from the battlefield”. Then you said “10,000 meters from the battlefield AND are 3,000 meters in the air”, then you said they spawn 3,500 meters high, and 11,000 meters away from the battlefield

Damn I hate when I look at the ingame altitude and see that I’m 3500 meters high and 11 KM away from the OBJ so I update my thread with current relative information to the topic.

Drones remain spawned outside of firing range giving a 3 KM putter for SPAAs to find and shoot them down.

No flares, no chaffe, no speed. There is no excuse for this deployment outside of laziness on behalf of the developers.

Still impossible to use unless the enemy team has not spawned SPAA at all.

Why is this feature in the game if you are unwilling to balance it accordingly?

It took you major community backlash to move them to their proper BR and now you’ve left them completely useless.

Why waste the developer time to even add them in the first place?

11.3 battles, not 11.3. You can see them in a 10.3 lineup in a max uptier.

10.3 is when most trees get Radar SPAA which has a range of ~8KM which is the firing range of Drones.

Drones are immensely easier to hit because of their low speed.

Indeed, but that’s not much consolation when you’re getting hit by one.

CAS is a feature of the game as long as it is drones aren’t unjustified. At its current BR SPAA can engage it effectively, more so than other forms of CAS.

Drones are hard to balance spawn point wise. They shouldnt spawn close enough to be able to attack tanks the second they spawn. However, they are so slow that moving their spawn point to a safe distance would require the drone operator to spend an excessive amount of time to get within range.
Maybe they could keep the current spawn point and and one that is further back, similar to helis bases, so people could choose the safer spawn or the quicker spawn.

There are two working solutions.

Spawn within firing range giving SPAA time to shoot it down while the missile travels (I don’t think people want this option) or allow a spawn at low altitude so that the Drone pilot has freedom to engage the battlefield when they’re in range / from the angle of their choosing.

I have suggested and would prefer the latter.

The problem with pushing Drone spawns outside of SPAA range is that they are too slow and it would be a waste of time to take one out more than it already is. You’re still going to have to dive to an altitude which doesn’t show you to SPAA otherwise they’d just kill you as you went in to range as they do now. Might as well skip wasting player’s times and spawn them at their current distance and at an altitude that allows the player the choice of safety / immediate attack.