Why is a plane RB mode collision always not considered a kill?

Why is a plane RB mode collision always not considered a kill?

  1. Two planes fired shots from the front, Why does it tell me that I hit an enemy plane, but after the two planes collided head-on, it is not my kill? The system decided it was suicide!!!
  2. I destroyed the wings of the enemy plane with a machine gun, but it collided with teammates, why did not count my kill, the system judged it to be suicide!!
    This shit makes people angry, please fix the BUG ASAP!!

The idea is to give people a reason to EVADE.

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After I set the enemy plane on fire, why is this not severe damaged ? My teammate killed him and took an assist which made people angry!

Some planes have EFS, If its a engine fire its not fatal and even then can be put out in a dive. Fuel tank fires burn out when out if fuel. A yak is in trouble due to wooden wings. There is a p47 that acts like a flying fireball but pilot wont die due to solid cockpit 😆

Have you ever thought about the situation where enemy planes without fire suppression function are also what I am referring to.

Like i said, what fire was it, wss it a fatal fire? Fires are not instant death

  1. it’s a game
  2. ramming was a historical tactic
  3. you already have a reason to evade- to avoid a repair cost
  4. currently, the player who doesn’t shoot gets a kill but the player who crits the other doesn’t, the 1st player being counted as crashing, which is a problem
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That is the fire it cannot extinguish, that is its deadly fire, and all that awaits it is death, but currently this is not a severe damage! This situation should be an asevere damage!

It was then Gaijin just had to mess and screw it all up as usual.