Why is 11.7 facing 13.0 in Air SB?


Can we return it to 11.7 to 12.3 please?

11.7 have no reason to face off with 13.0 at all. It should be 12.7 to 13.0 in Air SB and 12.0 to 13.0. No one is going to be playing 11.7 at that range


Bekoz, not enough meat for 13.0. Game design A+! :D

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seems like they dont want to kill the 11.3 rotation like they did the 11.0 rotation last patch

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Sim Brackets are never changed first day a patch with new BR’s at the top go live. Have patience…

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Just hoping the next BR changes aren’t months away and when they do come, they are sensible changes. They always 50/50 when SB changes come

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What do you mean?
Yesterday we had 12.0-13.0 and today we have 11.7-13.0.
Somebody, obviously, changed brackets (and not for the better :D) and that wasn’t me.

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The Sim brackets rotate every few days. What we need is for the brackets to be expanded to properly accommodate the addition of 13.0BR

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Sooo, I can expect 11.3-13.0 in two days? :D
Top tier doesn’t rotate, or it didn’t until now.

It always used to rotate, the problem is that Gaijin hasn’t updated the brackets to fit 13.0 properly. It has been like this for every update that introduces higher BR aircraft.

We just need to wait until Gaijin change this. We most likely will get new BR changes by the end of this month.

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Yeah, it’s more about what the 11.7’s are forced to face right now in sim tho, less about the other stuff :/

12.0 - 13.0 I can understand, but 11.7 - 13.0 I can’t

It always rotates, it’s just rotation back and forth every day.

Same for Ground SB as well

FPBP LMAO. Truer words have never been spoken kek

Hoping 11.3-12.3 gets added to the mix.

Grouping 11.7+ and making them fight 13.0 is torture.

13.0 need to be penned off now that ARH is here.

As for the harriers at 12.3, ARH is a gimmick for them due to their slow speed, they have no place being permanently penned against the pinnacle of each tree. They need a bracket where they, and other 12.3 can genuinely compete.

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and why not?

We need 0.7 spreads only in sim, 11.3-12.3 would be unplayable for 11.3-11.7

I threw this together as a possible new set of BRs for Sim. Its not perfect, but I think its the best we can hope for until 13.3 is added




I’m thinking this one is better…

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Seen it, maybe, but would require them adding single BR brackets. which they’ve never done