Why free RP

i have reached the 20 million RP and it seems it’ll just keep on increasing, but why make it only usable with GE?

its not a currency that’s accessible to everyone, so, why not make free RP more “accessible”, like, usable with SL or in limited quantity (I.E. use 1K free RP for 10rp or something) i think this would for once make it actually possible to spend all those useless numbers that just sit in everyone’s hangar, and i honestly feel like there has to be a solution out there to make them more usefull than just ever increasing numbers, i’m also fairly certain that no one would disagree about such changes

hell even the direct competitors to war thunder have nailed better solutions for the equivalents to free RP, why not apply a similar concept to war thunder?


It’s called ‘Convertible RP’ for a reason.


so you’d be against making it more usable?

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It’s usable as it is… It’s not ‘free RP’ as you put it.

Do you have access to the Gaijín market? Then it is accessible to you.

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but changes to it would still benefit everyone, they’re, in my opinion, not worth the GE as is in the game (way too expensive) and i believe anyone in any lobby you can join in the game would agree (at least a majority of people) and its rarely even used by people anyways, so why keep it that way and not change it?


It is there to make sure a level 1 cannot just throw in 20,000 quid and spade all they want.

Yes Premiums counter this, but you can’t spade a vehicle by playing said Premium.

It is not a bonus but a limiting factor. Something I have never used as I am careful with my investments.

For most it is something to ignore and not seen as anything lost by its existence.

No, it’s not usable, in the state convertable RP currently is, you need way too much GE for a high tier modification/vehicle.

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It is usable, as you’ve mentioned.

Your argument is invalid, for you still need to earn convertable RP, a level 1 would not even have convertable RP

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Technically they will after playing for a bit…

Thats the entire point. Without convertible RP you cannot use it, exactly.

yes, but it will just be a few thousands, the reason we have millions now is cuz we played for years and years

It’s not THAT easy to earn convertable RP, it’s only around twice the total RP you’ve ever earned.

only twice the amount if you’ve got a premium account

Technically it is, because they will make some as they play the game.

Most players have that stuff to the ceiling. So it is a “resource” that everyone has endlessly. Which means it isn’t worth anything. Only exceptions are new players.

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only exception are players that have never been able to use it, and WHY refuse to have a currency you can use to speed up research?

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So, as I am right, a new player/account cannot put in loads of cash and insta spade/research.

You now know why it exists, you are welcome 👍