Why free RP

Yes you are absolutely correct, I am however, complaining about the ridiculous price implied to be able to use it at higher tiers.

that’s because you’ve been playing forever, if you can’t use it, there is a problem, so gaijin could, and i believe, should, make it more usable so that no one reaches such absurd amounts


You can by all means spend it, but you’re not wanting to because it’ll cost you, but that’s a decision you can make, and it’s able to be done.

Thing is I CAN use it…

I don’t know how much you are educated in economy, but if you give every citizen 10% of his “monetos”, no one will be richer. You could as well demand sinking prices.

Gaijin plans for a certain free grind speed. Want more? Pay. Or convince them to change the free speed. That is what you basically ask.

Ah, well this is the “it will damn well cost you to get out of stock or play and deal with it” scam/not scam if you don’t fall for it.

Yeah, the company will cream people for their earned cash because even about 7.0 this way to progress is financially painful. Hence I would rather suffer and let whales pay for the servers 😉

no one at all, can realistically spend all the free RP they’ve accumulated over the years with money, so why not, just, make it more rare and or, make it cost a lot of free RP to get the equivalent in actual usable RP?

its a win win situation, people empty their free RP from their account, and they make less of it (in practice) because only 1/1000 of free RP would actually count, refer to my first post to understand it, again its just an exemple and it could be completly different, i believe that everyone would benefit from such a change

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You’re just seeing the accumulated lot there, wishing you had it, and it’s making you think it’s wasted…

But it’s not.

If it were fractionalized to a portion of what it does, and made you accrue it less, would that work for you? Because it wouldn’t be adding to what RP you genuinely get…

i am fully aware and it doesn’t matter, to make it actually usable is the only thing i wish for, not to be able to research an entire tree with it, and with such solutions gaijin could still avoid people just reaching top tier by spending all the accumulated, its, again, a win win situation, people can use it and gaijin doesn’t need to stress about losing potential money cuz all it’d do is make it so people have less of it

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i genuinly don’t get why you or anyone would be against changes regarding free RP as it already goes completly un used

You already get the equivalent to free rp. It comes from acing your tanks and they finally made it visable in the modules screen. It’s a lot of rp and goes to whatever vehicle your researching.

i don’t understand what you wrote lol

Fixed it

it has nothing to do with the free RP at the top of your hangar, i’m asking for solutions regarding that part, because it still goes massively un used

I know. The convertible gives people a pool of research to convert for gold, you can get it for free but mostly it’s an obvious option for the company to make money. So I. Saying it shouldn’t change. They already give us free research points and far more then we get in other games like wot

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So you’re saying if you didn’t see it pooling up there, it wouldn’t be a problem… Then don’t look.

that’s not at all what i said, what i said is that INSTEAD of having it pool up and be useless gaijin could fix it, but by that points i’m resoluted to believing no one on the forum plays the game at this point if even bringing up potential solutions gets a massive no when everyone could agree it would benefit anyone

It is not useless, just useless to those not using their wallet to spade/research directly.

It is tied to the RP we all earn an gain advantage from in the grind. You already “benefitted”

IF it was usable in other ways Gaijin would rebalance all other earnings to compensate for anything “extra”.

This is not the first time this question over Convertable RP has been discussed and is there to prevent people just using their wallets. Yes High BR Premiums contradict this to a point, BUT THAT IS LIFE 🥳🥳

TBH this convertible RP is only a loss for every players

→ those who don’t pay for using them → as it is not given to them.

→ those who pay for using them → the pay rate is obviously insane,…

It sort of is. Just think of it as a carbon copy (a literal carbon copy like the very early credit card/cheque machines… millenials need not apply, the entire reason your debit cards are raised) of earned RP that sits there as a pool for a specific use. The most important bit is the RP already earnt and used, aka the grind.