Why don't people mark enemy on the map/mini map?

After the years of playing this map, people just dont mark enemy at the map/mini map. Like, do you not know how? Or you just dont care? Do you even know you have a mini map in right bottoms corner.

On PC, you can either press M, which should open your map, and then you can click with your mouse at position where the enemy is. Or there is a quicker way where you hold ALT key, which makes youe mouse pop out and then you mode it to mini map where you can mark on it also. It isnt that hard. Hell, best is if you have a squadron mark set so your marking can be almost pin point accurate. I dont play on console, so no idea how you do it on there.

Please…for love of god people, learn to mark and pay attention to your mini map. The amount of time i mark a enemy tank on the other side of a wall/building just to see my “team mate” drive right in front of him, now even looking his way happened way to much.
Please…for love of god people, learn to mark and pay attantion to your mini map. The ammount of time i mark a enemy tank on the other side of a wall/building just to see my “team mate” drive right in front of him, now even looking his way happaned way to much.


Takes too long and most people aren’t concerned about being team players, they just want to get kills themselves


because it’s a single player game


I would venture a guess that a great many players do not or cannot even read the maps during games. I seems that way a good deal of the time anyway. Map pings and “T”/Radio commands go largely ignored. Granted, we all are “generals” and go into each game with our own “agendas”, and it also seems apparent that winning the game is not at the top of most players priority list. So . … ya get what ya get
All you can do IS all you can do. I advise not to base your enjoyment of anything based on the words and/or actions of others . . … you will spend a great deal of time being . . . disappointed.


If they want killd then they shoudl spawn more. If they want to play only one tank, then they shoud play WoT

They either don’t know or don’t care.

Everyone plays this game selfishly, like a singleplayer game, and it is killing the gameplay quality and harming the players experience.

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Im trying to enjoy the game, really do, but i just cannot when im pretty much figting my own team that has a room tempeture IQ. I would rather take arcade bots then most of the teams i get. I get that you don’t know that at reserve/low tier. But you have 0 excuse like around 5.7br and up. At least mark the enemy that you are looking at. The amount of time i get killed by enemy that, just to see a “friendly” sitting around the corner, looking his way with 0 marking from chat log.

I play this game for what…7 years. And the quality of player base went pretty down…A LOT. At one point i needed to mute the radio from team how annoying the marking was. Now? Im happy if i see one marking that isnt mine.

What do you expect of a community that doesn’t even know how to use a tank correctly ?

I wonder if there is even anything in the game explaining this feature, last time I played the tutorial I ended up in a Panther ll shooting 700mm pen APCR for some reason, and when I tried the new missile tutorial it didn’t even work despite it being nothing more than 2-3 button presses total, and I’d bet they still did not fix it.

So I doubt new players are taught anything like this.


I can agree on that. Myself i learn to mark from a comment on War thunder YT video when someone replied to me. Gaijin tutorials need a MASSIVE rework.
Hell, i wanted to learn to fly in the sim air. Did the tutoriat help? Nope. And on YT, there isnt a good tutorial that wouldnt be out dates or they wouldnt used a joy stick. For controls, i have no clue what half the things do.

The controls are a mess, you have to just go through all the controls to learn about mechanics and know they even exist, people have no idea about squad markers, or being able to identify friendlies in Sim with binocs, weapon switching for planes, bomb series drop and whatnot… then of course how to use radars and what any of it does.

Having to find out info about your vehicle by scanning the x-ray feature, no information about what gen thermal a vehicle has, no optics listed, stabilizer not mentioned… and then you can look at your jet and see it has a APG-68(v)5 radar but zero information what that even means, or what CCIP or CCRP means.

The game provides the most barebones information and just expects you to go online to find the answers to anything but the most basic feature.

People just have an exceptionally low standard for the snail and Warthunder, I don’t know what other game gets away with such a barebones experience and a plethora of issues, inconsistencies and broken mechanics… even just not having a large part of the game visually modeled because ‘‘it’s too much work’’ like bomber and helicopter cockpits and that is somehow okay.

What other game just refuses to model a whole part of the game and the community is okay with that?


I dare even ask… why don’t people react to it? I ping often and pretty much never see I anyone react to it. I can rather watch them die because of their ignorance. It’s just that kind of player. I still don’t know what the faq they want in RB then though

Agreed. It makes the game impossible to enjoy anymore.


Arcade Ground Battles is 100% dead. The stupidity and selfishness of so called “team mates” has made the game unplayable in my view. So much so that I finally gave up and fully uninstalled the game 2 days ago. This is 100% Gaijin’s fault thanks to making the emphasis more and more on completing the daily and special tasks so all the players care about is completing those tasks at the cost of any interest in the result of the match. Also not helped by the fact that Gaijin offers almost zero reward for winning a match so there is no incentive to even try to win. Combine this with the recent map changes to try to force brawling and shorter matches by removing a lot of opportunity to use tactics like flanking and this is what you get. I can’t speak for other modes as I didn’t play them, but Arcade Ground Battles is impossible to enjoy.

One thing I read on here that I found hilarious was a thread where a guy was talking about how he was just grinding through crap WW2 tanks to get to the interesting higher tier stuff and he couldn’t care less about what happens in the match or what happens to team mates and whether it affects them and their enjoyment of the game, as long as it got him 0.1% closer to the tanks he WANTS to play and THEN his mindset will be different. That’s all well and good, but what’s the point if when you get to that level you get teamed up with players who have exactly that same mindset as you had before? Read a few posts about high/top tier on here and you’ll find that things don’t suddenly improve when you get to that level. You’ll get teamed up with clueless newbs who’ve just bought Premium tanks and your team will still get SMASHED within a few minutes and you’ll experience exactly what you’ve been doing to your team mates all along, and the game continues to degrade.

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Most people in this game don’t know that minimap exists, therefore are unable to mark on it.

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I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but you do know there are other game modes? I mean the teammates aren’t much better, but you could try them out before quitting…

This was made obvious to me in a match a few days ago when the entire team was oblivious to a group of about 7 enemy tanks that flanked us on the right of the map and charged almost completely unchallenged (except for the two tanks I lost trying to stop them before I gave up and left the match because I got no help) and went on to murder the rest of the team at our spawn. Calling for help has also become pointless as nobody cares. They have their own agenda and that is that. That was pretty much the straw that broke THIS camel’s back and I could see that it was no longer worth playing the game. For me at least.

Because all the war thunder players combined have a braincell of 1.5… used to be 2 but that is no longer 😂

All I can say is if you know an enemy is and you mark it on the map, especially if it’s right around a corner you want to go around or something like that, just let your oblivious teammate go first and eat the shot, then you can go around and kill the enemy. And if they ask why you didn’t warn them, tell them you did and that they’re just oblivious to the fact that there is a mini map and a chat log that shows you warned them

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Most of the time, I do not care about pings because I have often been lead the wrong way with a bad mark. Other times, if you keep doing it, I often have those people radio muted because it’s annoying.

People are incredibly responsive to markers they can see in front of them, try using an SUAV the whole match marking enemy positions. After a couple kills, people will look for your marks since they trust you. Scouting with a light tanks is also more likely to get your otherwise unengaged teammates to respond. But map pings will often be ignored.

The average War Thunder player has 80 IQ and are not very aware of their surroundings. They do not know how to play the game properly. I guess most players think that communication is not very important in War Thunder, but it is very important.

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