Why don't lower tier MiG-21s have access to R-13s?

The only viable missile that the MiG-21MF/SMT can carry are R-60s, even the MiG-21 SPS-K at 9.7 can carry both R-60s and R-13M1s, so why can’t the MF and SMT get R-13s so that they can have more range and versatility?

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It could potentially be for balance?

Unsure, perhaps the devs simply forgot to give them R-13M1s.

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Bis has them as well. Would be nice to have them on the smt/mf(?). Also the bis could use the CM/ECM pod the mf/smt have


The R-13M1s perform similarly to the AIM-9Ds which can also be found at 10.3 on the F-8 Crusaders so I don’t think it would be necessarily unbalanced.


Yeah but SPS-K is, well, SPS-K.

Not saying SMT/MF shouldnt get it, but Id say they would be, dare I say, busted at 10.3 mig21 airframes.

Honestly it doesn’t even need to be the R-13M1s, it can just be the regular R-13M that used to be in the game that had like 15g max overload

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Regarding balance I’d beg to differ.
The R-13M1 pulls roughly the same as the AIM-9J/D with a range kind of in the middle of the two.
No doubt it would be a good weapon, but It’s not like R-60s aren’t 30G missiles already.


Yeah, but I hate non all aspect R-60s.

Most people would likely agree that the R-13M1 is far superior to the R-60 overall. These jets are already strong. That said I’d rather see them receive it and go to 10.7

R-13M1 has far better flare resistance and range than the R-60, which is why it would be problematic without changing anything else.

Why AIM-9J/R-13M1 has better flare resistance than R60/AIM-9L? It takes one or two flares to defeat AIM-9L/R60 but AIM-9J/R-13M1 requires even more flares to defeat them.

Something to do with FOV of the seeker afaik

I wish they would give the MiG21S(R-13-300) the R-13s since it is a Premium Worth £45 and has constant up tiers to 10.3

MiG-21S (which never left 9.7 as far as i know) uses same engine and has same TTW as 10.3 MiG-21MF while sitting at 9.7.

21S/MF has 1.05 TTW at min fuel, 0.70 MTOW.

The closest equivalent, that being 9.7 SPS-K (which sat at 10.0 up until very recently), which can use R-13M1s, uses marginally better, but essentially the 9.3 MiG-21F-13 engine.

At min fuel, F-13 has 0.91 TTW while SPS-K has 0.85 TTW. MTOW, SPS-K has TTW of 0.57 while F-13 has 0.56 MTOW.

What this means that if both SPS-K and 21S run the same setup of gunpod + 4x R-3R, 21S comes miles ahead while at the same BR. Not to mention MUCH better RWR of 21S.

Thus, adding R-13M1s to 21S would raise its BR.


The balance of the BR range is already ruined. Giving R-13s to early MiG-21s such as the S would cause a BR increase that would not be fun for the aircraft involved, as it doesn’t have flares. On the other hand, if it doesn’t go up from this, it would become even less fun to play flareless planes at 8.7+ because the R-13 is a longranged missile similar to the Aim-9J, which cannot be outrun in the same fashion as the R60, and is more resistant to rocket flares. In the long run this would increase BR compression as planes like the F-100D would become 9.0.

There is also the question of whether the MiG-21S was ever equipped with the R-13 in the configuration we have in game.

Overall I do not think that adding R-13s to early MiG-21s is a good idea especially considering that the MiG-21S is already one of the strongest flareless 9.3-9.7 premiums.

I’m assuming you mean the R-13M and not the M1, as the M1 is similar to the 9J and not the 9D

i would say that it is also closer to the j in game, the only difference with the m1 is the 15g overload, it keeps having the shorter burn time and it is also uncaged like on the aim 9J

tbh I would not mind if they moved it up to 10-10.3 for new missiles since the engine is pretty good you can boom and zoom a lot what really annoys. me is when i fire a missile and it decides not to exist anymore even going in a straight line gets so close to the enemy then loses its track. but that’s just my opinion. Plus, you can hardly lock the radar onto enemy’s under 2km.

Eh, why not run with 21SMT at that point?

At 9.7 its similiar in playstyle to 104, which imo makes it more unique.

cuz i just paid £45 for a jet and ofc i want it to get new missiles.