Why don't flares work?

Hello, I have a question why the flares on the GRB do not work,I play mi24p, and it doesn’t matter what AA rocket fires at me,and even if I shoot all the flares, the rocket still hits me, no matter the distance,even though 90% of them are not radar AAs,I’m asking about this because I’m curious why it works this way.

it could be manualy guided

like the swedish Missile SPAAs

Yeah, it really depends on what SAM it was.

If its something like a StarStreak from Stormer HVM, then no amount of flares or chaff will protect you as its a beam-riding missiles. There are others like it too.

With a couple exceptions, flares will never work against SAMs. Even MANPADs use dual-spectrum seekers which are immune to flares.

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98% immune to flare ^^"

But yeah: very few SAM are going to get annoyed by Flares // Chaffs

(Wondering why people fly above the bubble? If only we had chances to decoy such missiles, it wouldn’t be a last resort option to fly high and bomb from high)

This is incorrect

Likely you are being shot at by either SACLOS SAMs which don’t rely on IR signature or you are being shot at by IR SAMs that have IRCCM in their missiles, meaning they have technology to try to mitigate how much flares can impact them.

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Thanks everyone for your reply.