Why don't add the Dutch TT to the German TT?

It makes more sense than just pack the entire Benelux into the French TT.

Historically, except for WWII the Netherland’s relationship with Germany is fine. Especially in recent years we even see dutch forces under german command, so it totally makes sense to bind the two nations together. Being enemies during a period in history don’t necessary mean that the two nations/regimes can’t share a TT. Take Italy and Hungary for example, they were enemies in WWI, part of WWII and belong to NATO/WTO separately throughout the cold war, and that doesn’t stop Gaijin from adding the Hungarian TT to the Italian TT. So why not repeat it again?

The germans needed something to cover their skies NOW. F-4F ICE seemed underpowered now, and comparing it with the late tornado f.3 in the British TT, having the same br with it seemed ridiculous (at least for me). They also needed something to do the CAS job right now. EH Tiger will have to spend like 80% of its time just for avoiding get killed by SPAAs (yes, its Panister), and PARS 3 tend to land in a random way and usually 2-3 shots or even more of them still can’t guarantee a kill. German tornadoes suffer from poor flight performance, and poor air-to-air capabilities (they should get AIM-9L(I)s, and even so, how’s it going to compete with jets like F-16, who got 4xAIM-120s beside its air-to ground weapons?). So dutch F-16s might come very handy.

As for ground vehicles, a few Leopard 1/2 won’t cause a lot of trouble. Currently german 10.3-11.3 lack MBTs. One Leo2 A4, Puma, TAM 2C and they’re at 10.3/10.0, with nothing else. Maybe dutch vehicles may fill this gap?


Well… The Gaijin™ understanding of geopolitical situation between a certain set of European nations.
But what can we do after they’ve done this already?

The topic is simpler with a lot of idea that each tree has less than 5 lines, whether tanks or planes, it is supported by a fifth line. Germany, for example, has 5 tank lines and 5 airplanes, while France has 5 tanks and 4 airplanes. That’s why France was supported by a fifth line in airplanes, but so far no tanks have been added to France from this country, but in the case of Italy, it had 4 tank lines and 4 planes, so tanks were added And the planes of Hungary to Italy so until they change the rule of 5 lines Germany will not get a new line

We all know France is getting to get copy paste Leopard 2s, maybe even as a premium.

Bluntly : Because Germany already has a lot of vehicles, france not so much and germany can’t have everything


Really hard to beat that quote, I won’t try.

From a gameplay standpoint, it makes more sense to give France the whole Benelux TT. France has some huge holes in its tech tree (ground 9.7-11.7 gap, and the air tech tree is often really rough), which can be fixed by this subTT (by reducing the gap to 10.3-11.7). Neither Belgium nor the Netherlands have the vehicles to fix the German 10.3-11.7 gap.
Moreover, Germany doesn’t have a lack of vehicles either in ground (except for this small 10.3-11.7 gap that nearly every nation has): US : 10.0 -11.0, Russia : only one 10.7 tank, UK : 10.3-11.3, JP : 9.0-11.0, CN : 10.7-11.7, SE : 10.3-11.7) or air (except for a good fox 3 carrier). But are we going to put a whole subTT even a small subTT just for one plane ? The answer is obviously no. Germany will suffer a bit while waiting for the Typhoon or another good fox-3 carrier, and that’s (sadly) all. This situation happened multiple times through war thunder’s history (ask the French player when they only had the Mirage IIIC), and it will probably happen again.

Also, there are plenty of other subTT that could be added to Germany, to name a few that come to my mind : Poland, Austria, Czechia, Switzerland… but I don’t see which subTT could be added to France except maybe Switzerland.

AIM-9LI will definitely help, and I hope it will be added


Russia : only one 10.7 tank

There are a total of 6 ground vehicles in the game at 10.7, Russia has 2 of them, China 3 and Italy 1.

Which is why these plane BR changes for ground are stupid when they move 11.0 to 10.7.

I do not know the source of this information but from the DEV STREAM & DEV SERVER there were no Leopard tanks for France

French Gepards and Leopards … dunno its getting out of hand. The last subtree additions spreaded too many German units into other TTs. Too many nations now with 109’s, Junkers, Pz IV, Tigers, Leopards, Gepards…its too watered down.

Probably overheated the copy paste feature after the year we’ve had, they also did not add a single ground vehicle from the entire Benelux tree so far.

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I agree with you in the idea that German vehicles have everyone, but this is the case, unfortunately. Now, most countries in the world do not manufacture their weapons, but buy them from the big countries that manufacture weapons. It is normal to find all countries, for example, with an F-16 aircraft. This is really sad the idea of copying vehicles in the game, but this is the case in reality

Gaijin just really has something against germany. Sure, they have a lot of disdain for everything that does not hail from their beloved Russian terrain, but Germany especially. Because we are the eternal WW2 baddies.

Russia hasn’t been their favorite child for a long time now. Some of the Gaijin team are Sweden mains that’s why they get all of the new op stuff (VIDAR, Strv 122B, Gripen, Pbv, …).

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Poland and Czechoslowakia should go to an Eastern Europe techtree along with Yugoslavia, Ukraine and a few others.

Austria and Switzerland should go to Germany.


Germany has nothing to bridge the gap between Phantom II and Eurofighter.

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Almost like the Dutch F-16s would have made a lot of sense and be a perfect addition to Germany, but no here’s a Phantom for top tier lmao.

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A Phantom with Amraam and Iris-t would probably balance out. But somehow I guess it won’t happen^^ I bet at the end its a Phantom with AIM-9L at max BR or bit below. Happy doa party.


The one time copy paste would have been necessary to fill some TT holes they decide against it.

They gave everyone a Gripen, Su-27, F-15 or F-16 while Germany still has to use Phantoms lol.


They always find a way. Like the GB Gripen. BUT not for Germany :)