Why doesn't the Vikhr oscillate in flight like other missiles?

AT-16 flies in a corkscrew around the laser designator, and thus should appear to wobble to the pilot when firing. The laser sensor is on the side rear of the missile.

Traditional beam riding missiles that position themselves inside the laser cone will not appear to wobble as much.

It does oscillate a bit, specifically when it’s near the beam projector. Within 2km or so it oscillates.

The trajectory of vikhr missile ingame is absolutely wrong.

The only thing they added is a spinning animation to the missile.

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Go spawn an Ito and use the VT1s you will find out very quickly the SAM is proxy’ng on the Vikhrs even when you purposely avoid it.

If you bothered to read the dev blog on misisle changes:

“If a radar of the anti-aircraft vehicle locks on target, the fuse sensor is activated only by approaching the target. This will allow us to avoid false arming by close missiles or enemy aircraft.”

I have several replays showing this exact behaviour NOT being present anymore. the entire point of Radar is to help arm the VT1s and Roland missiles which ironically when you lock a heli up (not in IRST mode) but actual search/track mode the SAM still proc’s on the Vikhrs which is not suppose to happen period EVER.

so dont tell me “it does” when this feature was flat out removed on missiles that had the ability to arm the fuse only when near the target.

Vikhrs are still stupidly good, having 12 vs 8 on the Ito means you will win that engagement EVERY single time if you simply let your Vikhrs proc on the SAMs. OR you somehow catch the KA pilot off guard.

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except it does happen? the fuze activates very late in the path, the reason some might be exploding is because of vikhrs proxy…

literally had it happen that my vikhr flew past a sam missile and did nothing, and another instance where my vikhr was like 30m out front of me and proxyd the sam

its not suppose to proxy at all… vikhrs shouldnt be proxying on SAMs when its simply too small of a target and going to fast for it to sense and detonate on it, let alone the fact your engaging a “ground target” which is utterly contradictory to the Vikhrs design with the warhead having a duel fuse that has to be selected prior to launch.

You can keep arguing all you want. Vikhrs in there current form are just historically false. dont even get me started on the duel capabilities of the Vikhrs being modelled when pilots had to “select” the option prior to launch which ironically would nerf Vikhrs hard if they made it so you got forced to choose either a “ground or air” version of Vikhrs because not only would this mean SAMs win the engagement every single time (especially the faster SAMs like VT1s) it prevents them from dumping on helis/jets at nearly 5-6 miles out.

TLDR if gaijin bothered to model Vikhrs correctly, they wouldnt even be proxying on SAMs in flight because the warhead would have to be set to “ground” which disables the proxy fuse on the warhead.

Ill still stand by to this day that Vikhrs NEVER should have been added and especially not till they actually code the thing correctly.


It’s not the Vikhr that’s proxying on the SAM, it’s the SAM proxying on the Vikhr.

Regardless of that, the vikhr can itself proxy on a target moving up to 500m/s, and will indeed proxy on a small object. It has laser proximity sensors, which are very sensitive.

Which should have to be enabled or disabled prior to launch, depending on a n air or ground target. Not this best of both worlds bullshit

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other way around since sometimes the vikhr would keep flying

also try to not post walls of text noone is gonna read it

also obviously trying to nerf russia to real life standards again lole

and if vikhrs shouldnt have been added then what would russia get?

be happy its the damn vikhr otherwise youd be facing LMUR or hermes(which are both way better than vikhr)

Because there is no russian bias

It’s not like you select LOAL or LOBL for hellfires, or direct/lofting/midcourse.

I wouldn’t mind having the capability to adjust missile parameters in game. But this is missing from all ATGMs.

The difference in capability because of the lack of mode select is not even close to comparable. Flight path augments is not even close to giving a missile anti-everything capacity

Removing lofting would cut the flight time down significantly and allow a more direct AOA to target. It would make a massive difference for hellfires.

It is comparable. It’s enabling or disabling modes. Regardless, a DFP hellfire would proxy a SAM the same way a vikhr does, if the option was available.

thanks for ignoring what I said… because you fail to read.

Vikhrs IRL had to be selected for there “mode” in either ground or air prior to launch. as in what target you are intending to use them against.

TLDR if gaijin bothered to model this REALISTIC feature it would mean Vikhrs COULDNT proc on SAMs in flight EVER… because putting the Vikhrs in “ground mode” for its warhead disables the proxy fuse entirely. it ends being a standard Tandem penetrator warhead (not a multi purpose one like it currently is in game which is unrealistic)

Do you understand now or is your Russian copium to strong

not even remotely the same comparison. while LOAL and LOBL would be great for hellfires, this was only really there IRL to extend combat ranges and allow for more “pop up” approaches, you are not adjusting the fuse with these systems like you are in the Vikhrs which would greatly change HOW it performs in game.

if Vikhrs is set to enable ground targets it loses the ability proxy on anything therefor it loses any and all anti air capabilities and also would lose out on most engagements with SAMs especially VTs due to them being 2x faster in flight.

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Hellfire direct path won’t follow the same trajectory as vikhr. It’s not like a saclos/beam riding missile. It would be way less likely for the hellfire to proxy a sam.


Not sure why the last link showed up as gif as i tried to add it as a source.


yh I think people think DIR means “direct” as in straight to target but dont realise Hellfires loft even in DIR because the onboard sensors need a more “birds eye view” so its easier to keep track of the laser point that it guides too.

all LOAL and LOBL (which ironically doesnt effect lofting differently) LOAL allows you to effectively “lob” hellfires prior to lasing while LOBL is during lasing. thats why in the apache if launch hellfires without lasing you have a small window in which you “can lase” with the TADS telling you to lase when you reach that point. thats why gaijin wont add LOAL/LOBL because it would be hella OP on some maps.

I should clarify better, with LOAL and LOBL you wouldnt use LOAL on short range targets, thats what LOBL is for hence the 3 different loft states. but LOAL you simply just yeet it into the air assuming its a further target that is partially obstructed by buildings etc. this allows it to get “above” and come down better on the laser.