Why doesn't the Vikhr oscillate in flight like other missiles?

Why does the Roland oscillate but the Vikhr goes in a straight line tracking a target moving at low altitude?

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Beam riding missiles just fly in a straight line, Vikhrs is a Beam rider.

Roland has SACLOS guidance. different guidance method, different factors to consider.


Such as?

Yeah, why?

They should flip back and forth like every other missile right?

No. Beam riders are following a laser painted by the launcher they see nothing but that laser. where it is, they follow.

Other missile types use different guidance methods. SACLOS stands for " Semi-automatic command to line of sight" use other methods of guidance and so may induce some instability.

You are also comparing an ATGM with a SAM,

An ATGM is designed to be air launched and hit a relatively slow moving tank.
A SAM is designed to be fired from the ground to hit a fast moving plane.

Im not surprised the Vikhrs flies in a straighter line than the Roland.

Now if you have footage of a Roland doing wierd stuff, then please share it, but as far as I am aware, many missile have a tendency to oscilliate in war thunder, like the Aim-9L. but my experience with Beam riders like the Starstreak, they tend to fly where-ever you point the beam,


Every missile in the game has oscillation modeled except for the Vikhr.

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Going in a straight line =/= Oscillation


Wicked turn, no oscillation. I don’t understand why Gaijin is incapable of modeling things realistically but here we are.

Just tested:

Starstreaks from the Stormer
Hellfire from the Apache
Swingfire from the Striker
AGM-65D from the harrier Gr7
PGM-2000 from the Tornado Gr1

No osciliation on any of them. So all working just fine. I cant test the Roland, so you’ll have to post footage of it excessively osciliating


I’de be concerned if hellfires and AGM 65s oscillated in flight considering Hellfires effetively “glide” in, they have a very short booster time, and AGM 65s well these effectively work the same way, once the booster runs dry they glide to target.

But Vikhrs should oscillate considering the booster is not at the rear but at the “side angled out” its designed like this because of beam riding cone, the missile has to spiral in flight to keep the beam “in view” effectively.

So if anything the Vikhrs should be prone to oscillation if too much movement occurs much because once you incur to much degree of movement the booster being “not central” would cause it too lose control beyond a certain point just like ATGMs do with there limited control surfaces.

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Fair enough. Though let’s face it, Gaijin is never gunna model that

they wont sadly, but it is bs because Vikhrs being able to pull the G’s it does vs air target even after the “nerfs” is still unrealistic. they still give Vikhrs its duel warhead which is unrealistic (it has to be set prior to launch if you want it to be air or ground fuse) and they STILL proc on SAMs when they flat out said they fixed this in there SAM blog post last year (which it did initially) then somewhere a gaijin employee turned it back on again


Don’t they also burn for their entire flight time, even though they should run out of fuel about 2/3 down their flight time?

they do yes but last I checked I havet found much on the burn time

Beam riding certainly wobble, ASRAD and lvrbv 701 are beam riding and theyre so unstable that it’s unlikely you will hit beyond 6km.

vikhrs should do large spirals as it flies but gaijin refuses to model that

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They do, though due to its flight characteristics and tracking method it’s much more capable of holding a direct flight path.

If you launch a Vikhr and aim 20-30dg to the side suddenly, there is HORRIBLE overshooting.

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9M133s are notorious for this, especially about 3-4km out

obviously lets apply realism only to russia, again

it does not proxy fuse on sams it fueses on them only with direct hit now like any other atgm