Why doesn't Rooikat MTTD have DM63?

The Rooikat MTTD is a prototype from ~2006 doesn’t have DM63 despite being newer than the TTD and roughly same age as the Olifant mk2. I get the argument of that is the ammunition it would get if it went into full service but this idea is not always followed

Cause it never fired it, and cannot be confirmed to support it.
Also that’d make it 10.0.


Do you want it to be a higher BR?


argument isnt what it fielded if it went into full service, rather than balancing issue. MTTD would likely follow the roikat 105 if it get DM33 to BR of 9.3, and higher if it got DM63.

Balance, even I support it and buff the reload time.

Loadouts are always balanced based. The Challenger 1 that went to Iraq in 1991 (Desert Storm) was only deployed with L26. That tank in game, the Challenger DS, currently has L23A1 for “reasons”. Should get L26 for historical accuracy (along with upgraded armour) but alas. We dont due to “balancing reasons”

Meanwhile, Magach 6B Gal says hold my 9.3

Both of them don’t get access to M9718 with is much much better than the dm63 lol, but i don’t think they really needed it that much and not rather have them be raised up in br.

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class 3 p never fired dm33 either, and I don’t really have any sources on if MTTD did firing tests

right now the rooikats are a bit squished and it could help britain get a higher tier light tank

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I think a higher BR as long as it has enough firepower could improve the british tree

Olifant Mk.2 fires 105mm DM63, with the same reload speed.
It would be more like 9.7, as it would then be better than the premium rooikat, but not too much of an extent.

Which isn’t a light tank.

It was confirmed the gun can fire DM33 though.
Not sure why you want the MTTD to be 10.0.

Again, not a light tank.
Y’all just want to nerf the MTTD.

We don’t know if it fired DM23 either. I’m not sure how much mockup it was. We don’t know anything, we don’t know how fast it’s autoloader was (hence it’s coicidently got the exact same reload speed as an aced manual loading L7/M68 in game), we don’t know what gen thermals it had (so it gets 1st in 2006), we don’t know if what look susiciously like blowout panels worked (so in game they dont).

I mean, why not.

Issue would be BR placement, because it would have to sit somewhere between Striker (RB BR of 10.0 with M900 and 7.5s reload) and Radkampfwagen (RB BR of 9.7 with DM33 and 6.7s aced reload and no thermals).

TAM 2C with same shell and similiar mobility sits at 10.0, while Olifant Mk.2 sits at 9.3 with same shell (but Olifant is much slower when compared to roikat).

For me, if it ever gets DM63, put it to 10.0. Go-karts have the mobility for flanking, anything lower and its gona be same situation as with WMA301 few years back.

I don’t think it would be that bad at 10.0 it would have the same firepower as the TTD and due to its mobbility would still be viable imo

don’t think gajin would bother either

Nerf the MTTD? You are saying that it should go to 10.0 if it gets DM63, whilst I am saying it should to 9.7 instead.
If you want a light tank that fires DM63, there’s the Tam 2C that’s at 10.0, and it’s arguably better than the MTTD with DM63.

You are nerfing the MTTD.

MTTD is better at where it is.

I agree, but I don’t mind it moving to 9.7.
The only thing you can pair the MTTD at 9.0 is the Chieftain Mk 10, but you can uptier it to 9.3 to have the Olifant Mk.2, VFM5 (kinda mid), and Khalid / Rooikat 105 (if you want to spend money on a lineup).

There are no 9.7s that the MTTD can pair up with, but at 10.0, you have the Challenger Mk.2 and TTD, which is also okay.

Either way, I wouldn’t mind it too much, although I would also prefer if it just stays at 9.0, or gets DM33 and moves up to 9.3, where the Rooikat 105 is already at.