Why does this China player report that others are exploit flaws in Game mechanics but he is also exploit bugs to destroy the game environment?

This player reports to master that some players exploit to get high scores,

player reports

Links of forums

Wow The Chinese player is the real man know how to play this game

but hiself also exploit the same game bug to get scores?

The righteous themselves fall?

His game link

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I also noticed that in the previous battle, a Russian account was never punished.

Battle link

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

The Russian not get "BANNED"


I have been reporting since Jan 23. Why hasn’t this player’s account been banned? I query noticed that most of the people described in his post got “BANNED”. won’t our report submitted on the server be taken seriously?
If the master sees it, please verify the player’s behavior after locking my post.

This post was sent politely and didn’t mean to attack anyone. because we just want fairness.


These Chinese players I met in sim. they met the enemy not fire resulting in me being killed by the enemy, the original approach can get a high score? That’s not fair to the players who worked so hard to get 292

oh, I met these guys too, but dont worry, I filed a similar complaint with master and I’m sure they will be punished soon
Is that right, Sir?(=^▽^=)

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What?!! on what grounds? We hit 45000 points, and all they have to do is team up and fire machine guns at each other to hit 20000??

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I hope~ ^_^

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