Why does the game allow people to take off with their canopies open in anything past Tier 1?

Why has this not been adressed yet? It’s such a simple thing to remove the option to open and close it, yet Gaijin keeps letting it stay update after update. Top Tier is the fucking worst with it, with half of the players flying at Mach 1+ with no canopies and being able to hear a missile launch from 5 miles out. It genuinely ruins it so much.


Agreed; and I do believe you have to take advantage of a glitch to get the cockpit to open on take off; I’ve never tried it (because I’m not a scrub).

Really there’s no reason to have the canopy open (but it looks cool where appropriate); What should happen is if you open it while flying is it should crack off and damage your aircraft as well as make it unbearably loud in the cockpit (and possibly lose some visibility, depending on the cockpit design).

They should fix the sound so that just doesn’t work, just like being able to hear tanks from 300m of the ground in a jet.

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The only aircraft you can’t open cockpits on are legacy aircraft.
Just unbind the key if you don’t want to open your cockpit.

BTW, flying without your cockpit increases drag substantially, and reduces your dogfight capabilities.

In reality in sail plane you cant even hear engine of the tow aircraft 50m in front of you because of the aerodynamic noise. You can hear even less (more noise) with canopy open.

Paradox is that you can loose landing gear in wt quite easily, which in impossible in reality, because you can’t induce enough drag to rip off the sturdies part of the airplane. But you can keep canopy open regardless of the speed an nothing happens.

Not sure why GJ keeps it so game-ish in SIM mode.