Why does only the Ariete (P) has spalliners

I’m a little bit confused because of the fact that only the 10.3 Ariete (P) got spalliners. What happend to the PSO and the Ariete C1?

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they all have the same spall liners it is the model that overlap with the armor

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I didn’t saw it they made it almost invisible XD

But that means the my ariete c1 can now stop close DM33 out of 120 barrels nice

iirc they havent change the armor at all, so it still goes trough it

But the pre serie almost stoped one on 500m. The C1 get an extra armor pack for the turret front so it should stop. But the DM33 wasn’t able to kill the commander who was right behind the gunner so ig the survivability t increased a lil bit. Still its an ariete so it need to get more buffs.

it doesnt, maybe a dm 33 from a 105 but not from the 120

Armour is still the same as before.

Spall liners will help preventing all 3 crew members in the turret getting killed by one shot.
Just today a penetration to the right side of the turret whacked only the gunner and commander but the loader was fine.

So even if armour is still the same the survivability is slightly better (although random).

I meant DM23 XD