Why does no one talk in this game? Feels sterile

Out of all the WW2 themed online games I’ve played over the last 20 years War Thunder has the most silent community.

No one ever says a word other than the usual (and useless) radio spam. No ‘GG’ at the end of a match, no ’ hi all’ or ‘have a good game all’ at the start, no warning about what the enemy is doing or if a particularly dangerous tank is somewhere, just the occasional whine about planes or bias.

I know the chat function is pretty unimportant but having 10+ games in a row tonight and not seen a single typed comment in any game starts to make me feel like I’m not playing online and this is just some me vs the computer game.

I usually get into a squad with 1 or 2 others I know but tonight going solo felt so sterile.

Another popular WW2 tank game is pretty much non stop chat…


I play on Xbox so have no real way or the time to chat.I also have nothing to say.
I did suggest a series of useful messages for team play but nobody was interested.Chat seems to be used mostly to fire racial abuse at players with Black Avatars or use bad language in a game played by kids.I turned it off years ago and never looked back.


Weird, in the many years I’ve played WT I’ve never seen any racial abuse. The occasional idiot mouthing off something political or stupid (usually about his ‘stoopid team’) but never anything that bad.


Guess you never met me in game then. Had two Chatbans already.


Yeah I have seen all sorts.That is why so many get chat banned. I have also had some nice conversations after game on a rare occasion.
I am mostly focused on the game to be honest but when I had chat on it was always some guy with no kills screaming abuse at the rest of the team.In a bizarre way ,I play WT to get away from people :)

I usually don’t say anything because there’s a decent chance a majority of my team either doesn’t speak English or won’t respond.


I still see it in some matches, and I usually warn my team when a cap is clear or on how many enemies are in a certain place but the chat timer doesn’t help, if you mistype something you have to wait a lot to correct it. And in some game modes there isn’t much time to chat.


I never tried WTs ingame voice chat.

Recently, I started to use chat and ping system a bit, it is pretty bad compared to some other games though, so I can’t use it for stuff I would like.

Also, I play in EU, so language barrier is a real thing and if english isn’t your native language, it is a lot more work to put together sentence especially in hectic situation, so it is not something people look forward to.

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I was pretty vocal before I got perma chat banned

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Same here, permanent chat ban, otherwise I would definitely talk. Oh boy, would I talk!!!


Chat is no loss.I wonder if those who miss it want to talk or shoot something

Variants of the “N” word are quite common in the chat box

We just use Discord. More effective for our pair/team play and no risk of offending the racist, foul-mouthed brats.

Using Gaijin comms in the past: I received a warning from a mod for mentioning the “cool” war period last century (no politics allowed) and another time I used the name of an adult beverage ingredient (no mention of hallucinogens because of the young players.) Rather ironic considering the racist and foul language typed during some games.

I almost always try to throw in a “GG” towards the end or when I’m out of respawn points. It’s not uncommon to get a reply from a team mate along the lines of, “what do you mean - we’re losing” or even a “piss off”.

Yeah about 90% of the chat I’ve seen in game for me recently has been some form of abuse by players of other players. You report it, but it’s just tedious. They should get rid of it entirely except for squadron chats in the hangar and squad chat (and the autochat stuff) in game tbh.

Gaijin has effectively outsourced all its social stuff to Discord. It’s probably better that way. And I don’t see how it could ever be reversed now. I think it’s just the consequence of a multi-platform multi-lingual game with no real in-game lobby/hangar functionality.

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Game encourages toxic/selfish gameplay = player base becomes toxic/selfish.
Doesn’t help matters that we still have a universal 30s timer on match, team, and squad chat…


Can’t say 2 things without getting the chat spamming message.


I tell my team . .“gl team!” at the start of every match. Most times not much response, a few will acknowledge it while sometimes . . . hateful crud . . but it is what it is . . . all you can do is try

Yeah, could y’all stop doing that? It’s really annoying.

no . . not going to do that because YOU feel annoyed . . . good grief . . stop being offended by everything for pete’s sake


Talking some trash is part of gaming but Gaijin doesn’t like it so I don’t bother saying much unless someone legitimately deserves being berated.

Especially if they’re playing the Bias crutching nation. They always deserve it.