Why does mouse aim instructor really want to use the rudder when flying at high speeds in top jets, it's what causes wing rips and should be blocked by the instructor

Having to maintain perfect attention to making sure that its only pitching and rolling is tedious and not always possible in the furballs. I even have WTRTI alerts set up to warn me, but at high speeds even a touch too much rudder and kiss your wing good bye.

Mirage 2000, Mirage 4000, F-14, F-15, F111A (pretty sure) and many others I haven’t played I bet

I don’t think it’s a rudder problem.
It’s more about using rolling and turning simultaneously.
Because it happened to me every time I flying with keyboard and I’m too fast. I use no rudder on keyboard at all.
I’m turning to the edge of a wingrip and if i touch one of the roll keys: wingrip.


It is the rudder, take a jet (tested on the 4000) to over 1500 kph, slam the full pitch up and roll at 90% critical air speed, nothing, only reaches about 85% critical Gs, but add full rudder, and instant wing rip, reaching 110% critical Gs, again at 90% critical air speed

That is CHEATING, add-ons are not allowed

Huh? Wtrti uses info available to everyone. Theres a way to open the minimap in a web browser and the info is right there

Also its a super popular mod, even with content creators

Maybe do a little research before such an accusation is thrown around

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It isn’t an addon, so no. It isn’t cheating.

If its g8ving you warnings that you are going to fast and pulling to many g’s znd your wings can fall off then yes its cheating, and gaijin have banned all zdd ons, if it overlays then its an add on

Can you tell me exactly where it says that in the rules? They are personally configurable numbers, with nothing more than options to flash a red number when your AoA breaks its critical limit.

It isn’t an addon, it’s a localhost:8111 OSD that they’ve openly talked about.

Aw man, Gaijin’s gonna ban me for using Spotify!!1’

Its cheating full stop

You can be wrong, but don’t be persistent.

Its giving you warnings that you are going to fast. I wonder how many yak pilots got it installed

Yes, and? That’s a perk of a localhost:8111 OSD. You can do the same exact thing from in-game, except WTRTI is configurable and has conversion units.


Speed warnings? Does that any way, so why do you need a program to overlay warnings over the WT client

This tool exists for years and gaijin know about it. That’s it!

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Then its another advantage over console, i guess we are playing a differnt game


As I’ve said, it’s configurable and allows me to change units. Nobody wants to stare at their structural limit in m/s

Yes, that’s the price you pay for VMware. Imagine not having a browser or functional OS?

You know you guys can both get bans for using red letters, right? It’s supposed to be a moderator only thing.

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Then it should be made available to everyone, not just PC

If WTRTI is not legal, most of the decent duelists (AAB/ARB/ASB) would get perma banned from this game lmao.