Why does Germany, Sweden, or Russia one just steam roll every Top tier match i get into?

To be fair they may not have them yet lol

also I really wish people would stop judging a nation by only its top tier lol

Have you not seen Su-25s?

It gets annoying as shit to kill 3 T-80s and then see the same player roll up in a T-72, when you are down to Olifants or Challenger 1s.

Yes,the single SM3 yes. Meanwhile US have 16C,16A,14B,15C, and few more that they can use lol.

And the SU-25 is more powerful than all of them due to its nuke rockets and complete bullshit durability.

One SM3 completely negated by ARH or any CAP yes. With 4 ATGMs

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There’s also the other Su-25s, Su-22, Su-23, etc. America having 4 planes with practically identical CAS usage isn’t all that impressive. Either way, Rus/Ger/Swe all have better tanks anyways.

Russia dont,Germany and Sweden have better tanks but lack in the CAS department.

Ger/Swe are the extreme of OP tanks and no CAS. America is the extreme of bad tanks and great CAS. Russia has better tanks than America, and better CAS than Ger/Swe.

*High tier sweden

Yes, this is a discussion about top tier.

this is why. When you have a nation with a armored Frontal plate, v nations without 1 shot kill win you have to cherry pick a shot when they can just twitch shot you and kill you.


If a pantsir fails to kill 15A and 16As, that have to be within 6ish km to lock moving targets with their guided weaponry, than the SPAA player already screwed up.

Cmon man, it ain’t that bad lol. We are not the extreme example of bad tanks. We have mid range tanks, and good air tree. We should have the most dominant air tree in the game, bar none, but it is what it is.

I mean sure, it’s better than italy or france, but as far as the top 3, America gets the worst.


Is not part of the top 3?

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I seem to lose every game i go at 10.3 ger. Mby its different at higher tier then.

never hae 10.3s yo’ll just get sucked up into the 11.3 death hole