Why does Germany, Sweden, or Russia one just steam roll every Top tier match i get into?

There is a Underlying issue here, There is no reason that the team that Gets the Russians or the German’s (Or sometimes even BOTH) Should just be a Guaranteed steam roll for the enemy.

Then you have those rare games where the enemy team is just German Sweden and Russia, And at that point i just leave before i even spawn.

Russia gets the best CAS planes at top tier, the best SPAA, They get MBT’s that excel in the FORCED knife fights you make us put up with at top tier since you can’t implement a Map designed for anything other than WW1 Land ships.

Germany gets Just as competent Planes and SPAA, While also having tanks that can just penetrate ANYTHING they fight with armor that only has Tiny weak spots that You have to Pixel hunt to penetrate.

Sweden gets even BETTER Leopard 2’s. Plus decent CAS, But also amazing Fighters that just Lock down a airspace.

Meanwhile their Competitors are just lacking in everything. The British are slow AF Tank wise, and their planes are so fat they can be shot down by a Prop. The American’s Have massive weakspots on the Abrams anyone can exploit, and Both are full of One death leavers after the recent adding of the top tier Premiums in those tree’s.

France has decent tanks, but no CAS to speak of at top tier.

Same for Japan, and Italy, and EVERYONE.

Everyone is at a Disadvantage when Fighting Germany, Russia, or the Sweds.


I have Gotten 10-11 Kill games at top tier in my Challenger 2, and its STILL not enough to stop Them, They get so many Top tier tank’s that are WAY better than ours, that you can kill a Russian player 3 times over, and they STILL will have a T-72 or T-80 with 3BM-42 or some other shell that STILL can Kill anything you have.


Hate to say it, but there is 1 common factor in all your matches…🤔🧐


What…? me carrying my team Kicking and Screaming to try and get a victory and them still failing Miserably?

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Thats the Tunnan, viggen and gripen for ya, they are amazing air defence fighters. Doing exactly what they were made to do Air Defence.

The tunnan and viggen are definitely not good fighters the AJ37 maybe simply because its undertiered

What,best CAS? They are all garbo except the SM3 rn with KH-38s,but F-4F with 2 mavs is hardly godly CAS or brick ASSTA. None of these three nations have CAS anywhere close to F-16C and other US equivalents.

You also say France doesnt have any CAS when they have two M2Ks that do CAS better than anything german or russian.


actually hate to disagree, but soviet team is not steamrolling anything in 11.7 Especially when facing germany and sweden.
Germany, sweden, china and france 63-65%win % atm in 11.7
Brit, jap and ussr, 58-59%
USA 37% and Israel 48%


I do quite well in them, you just have to play a VERY specific playstyle

I got a talisman for my J29F that i can use for CAS and Fighter

One trick ponies only work if they’re either severely undertiered like the F104A or the teams you’re fighting are full of lobotomites

Nation v nation means skilled player can flock to a nation for a timeframe and do well.

It’s really that simple.

Soviets don’t have the best CAS at top BR, NATO does and NATO has for the last 2 years.
Soviet tanks prefer medium to long range combat, CQC is not their forte compared to NATO tanks’ superior maneuverability.

France has the 2nd best CAS at top BR… what are you talking about: Mirage 2000DR1 which is a strike aircraft, and Mirage 2000 5F which is a fighter class.

You talking utter Rubbish. The Russian tanks excel in Knife fight city maps, and do ok at long range maps because of their broken CAS (KA50s, SU25s with 40km missiles btw).


Ka-50 isn’t even a top 10 helicopter anymore. It’s 2024, thing’s been “nerfed” over 6 times.
And the reason they don’t excel at CQC is cause only T-90M has 2A7V levels of armor, but due to T-90M being slower that idler wheel weakspot is ever so present, along with easier to flank than a NATO tank.

Su-25’s missile isn’t unique in beyond SPAA engagement range, it’s just a drop of water in an ocean of NATO CAS.

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Is the aj37 undertiered? It’s not bad but also not incredibly good.

The latter honestly

Please can I play the version of the game you are?

All I did was apply as little doctrine from real-life tactics to in-game as possible.

For tanks, the protection onion:
Don’t be seen. [Visual/mobility]
Don’t be shot at. [Mobility/awareness.]
Don’t be hit. [Mobility]
Don’t be penned. [Armor]
Don’t be fragged. [Survival]

Stick near shadows, trees, buildings, dead tanks, etc.
Be out in the open as little as possible.

The last time I died to CAS at top BR was a few weeks ago.
Last CAS I fragged at top BR was probably Cargo Port with the HSTVL, well… the most memorable frag of CAS.

I play a lot 9.0 /9.3 Italy and Israel these days, and in my experience whenever USSR and Germany are in one team its mostly steamrolling the other team…those occasions we defeat them its usually very close battles ( those are the sweetest wins tho).
Add Sweden to the mix as well and its even more lopsided!
Maybe mm should not pair the two most played and best nations at certain BRs…

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aw man some things never change

The British have the Gripen and a Tornado, while the German have a MiG-29 and a Tornado. So about even. And both not as competent as USSR or USA.

Do not worry, Gaijin is hard on nerfing the already faulty Leopard 2s further into the ground.
(2A5 turret literally floating just saying)

Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2A6, Leopard 2A7V, Strv 122A, Strv 122B PLSS, Strv 122B+ — a bug which caused the amount of shrapnel when penetrating the front of the hull to be low has been fixed. (Report ).

one of the worst bug reports to be seen by mankind

In particular as part of this task, we’re currently separating and detailing the elevation and traverse drives of the M1 and Leopard 2 series tanks with the addition of a hydraulic drive supply tank, where disabling this part will also disable the guidance drive.

That is the real problem. Nothing you can do when you are outnumbered because all your teammates just left. But that happens an all sides

Another important thing are lineups. Especially the big three have a lot of tanks for most BRs. So they can respawn more often. But that is a problem in which a lot of factors play into. First, the big three players make afaik the biggest part of the playerbase, so Gaijin gives them priority, as they can get the most money from them. USA and Germany being those two with the money.
Secondly, some minor nations didn’t built as many tanks IRL next to having a lower priority in Gaijins eyes