Why does Germany, Sweden, or Russia one just steam roll every Top tier match i get into?

Nato CAS or USA CAS?

Top CAS in War Thunder are F-16C, F-16D [ISR], F-14B, Gripens, Mirage 2000s, JH-7A [Not NATO], and Tornado.

Mirage 4000 is a better Mig-27K.
And Su-25SM3 along with Harriers are subsonic aircraft, with the Su-25 being chronically subsonic.
“But >18km range AGMs!” On subsonic airframes. The Hungarian Gripen gets those.
And they’re still IR guided… defeated by smoke, trees, and buildings.

Ahh yes, sorry my bad, I will just start popping smoke randomly in battle from now on. Rookie mistake.

Also useful when the spawn or even the map has none of these things.

The thing about the Kh-38 are that they have an engagement range higher than my radar range, so I am not even aware that there is a Su-25 lurking and shooting at me. (Not that I am in a tank anyway). It is also more than twice as fast as a Maverick, sitting at Mach 2.2 (2716 km/h), while the Maverick is just 1150 km/h.

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Radars don’t frag people…
I’ve seen people talking about radar range when you’re limited by missile kinematics.
SPAA is useless, has been for 2 years; granted only this last year more and more people started learning how to play CAS.

But my missiles do and they have an even shorter range.
See the problem?

And those High Tier planes like the Su-25SM3, the F-16, the Gripens ect. with these fire and forget and guided A2G options all appeared in the last 2 years, so no wonder SPAA became useless.

Sir, there were over 20 top CAS added in the last 2 years that exceed your SPAA’s range.
Complaining only when a middle of the road [of OP CAS] subsonic CAS is added is weird.


Have you EVER fought a SU-25?

And bullshit on Soviet tanks preferring Long range, They are WAY better at fuckin CQB because they have tiny ass weakspots you have to pixel hunt for.

While SU-25M3 is a grabage platform at top tier it is never forced to fly into enemy SPAA range.
It wont win any dogfight BUT it is the only plane that can fly high since Pantsir is on their team.
So in order to kill him either pantsir cant be spawned or you need Aim-7 equiped so you dont have to go up close to get spanked by S1


The SU-25 can legit wipe ENTIRE teams off the map with rockets THAT DON’T EXIST.


Both main rockets of su-25 do exist.
And in theory, only rocket what can wipe whole team (16) is S-13 since you get 40 (20) of em. “Fired in pairs”

Because germany, russia and sweden (top br) are all much easily to play… one error with my britain challenger I lost the game.

so yes more chance too win when player have tank who can forgive your error with mobility, armor, gun…

No cheat, but more advantage. with my challenger the only situation where I can take more advantage than ennemy it’s on large MAP (lol) the challenger have a gameplay safe and passive. In CQB it’s hard.
And I don’t speack of CAS… CAS britain? who have that hahaha

I’m sure, you put a children of six year old, he can kill me easily with a t80 or leopard 2 lol.
you put a challenger 2… he cry xD

EDIT: I haven’t problem with steam roll, actualy good matchmaking for me if i play solo (not platoon), player russia and germany have a lot of poor player RUSH B. free kill guaranteed for me.

A middle of the road subsonic with missiles that outperforms all other comparable missiles.
And outranges all SPAA (except the one in its own team) by a lot.
And that sits at a lower BR than the planes with comparable missiles.

Yes, all top CAS outranges all SPAA.
The best CAS in the game have afterburners and outrange SPAA faster than the sobsonic aircraft that take 4 minutes of prep vs the 1 - 2 minutes of prep for the AB jets.

Tornado sits at 11.3, Mirage 2000DR1 sits at 11.3… both better than a mach 0.81 jet IMO.

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Yet KH38 will hit first since is 2x faster

Oh I am so sorry I did not know Tornado and Mirage had fire and forget missiles that outrange any and all.
I am so sorry that I did not know you could drop laser guided bombs on target from 20km away.

If the Su-25 performs so bad as a subsonic, why not bring it down in BR?
9.0 seems perfect for that performance.

And I don’t know what you are doing for 4 minutes? Isn’t the airspawn like 20 to 25 km from the battlefield? Which is in range to shoot the Kh-38 missiles?

From what I glean from forums it must be they have the most talented players…/wink

They have something better than F&F IR missiles: Laser guided GBUs that also out-range all SPAA in the game.

lol Keep defending the Su-25.

Air spawn is less than 2000 meters in altitude, you have to climb to at least 8000 meters to be effective.

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because the game is not meant for high tier vehicles, simple as that.

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lol If that was the case then the game wouldn’t even exist.

well, it is what it is.

Gaijin said many years ago that the game is not made for more modern vehicles, yet here we are.

I am just stating facts, maybe the game would be dead without it, i dunno.

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