Why do you like ground Realistic?

Why do you actually like Ground Realistic?

I’ve been playing WT for years, and always Arcade - and I love it. I’ve wanted to like playing Realistic for quite some time, but every time I try, I get surprised by how boring and uninspiring I find Realistic. There is just so little action! Everything moves so slowly and most players just spend most of their time sitting still, hiding and waiting for an enemy to appear. What fun is there in that?

So, honestly, what is it about Realistic that you like? Because when I try, it’s just so boring.


Can be sneaky, and relies more on you remembering where to shoot tanks.


The part about not knowing, and having to build your own situational awareness and working around the sluggishness to still make snappy moves


Playing CAS


What’s not to like about finding out how long it takes before you get bombed.


I left arcade after I got tired of the constant kamikaze plane spam. Also I’m older and don’t want to speed around the map, knowing where everyone is, and shooting at the green circle.

I also enjoy the no markers especially in the air, where you have to keep situational awareness and try and determine who you’re flying against.

Unfortunately, Gaijin seems to be catering to the arcade type crowd as they have been constantly tinkering with maps, squeezing maps so some don’t require the player to actually look around only forward.

Conquest #1 of Battle of Huretgen Forest is a good example. What a steaming pile of dog turds that layout is. I knew it was bad as I was spawned in on top of a pile of boulders 20 feet in the air.


A lot of things. Though I’d prefer SB. just really hate the Br rotations and super long queue time and constant 6v6. As for RB, the CAS gameplay, SPAA gameplay, the tank gameplay and its not fast like AB. I don’t play Arcade cuz its…feels like a kids game and too fast paced.

Basically this. For you its boring but for me its fun. Arcade to me is too much and too wild.


My biggest issue with arcade is the crosshair. I find myself waiting for the crosshair to turn green and then firing instead of just aiming at a weak spot I know exists.

It’s way easier to wing it and get lucky then waste your time lining up your shot, a lot of the time. Especially when you know where the weakspots are anyway.


easier no tags or real time pen markers

  • no markers makes more vehicles viable
  • I’ve always preferred the SP system even with it’s flaws
  • being able to use aircraft you have unlocked yourself is pretty neat

I prefer the more realestic feel of vehicles. Not all tanks feel like Ferraris. No icon saying “here I am shoot me.”


I don’t.
I hate tanks. They are ugly, boring and useless things !

Can spawn more than the 3 ground vehicles of AB, and aren’t shown on the minimap all the time.

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Precisely because of what you said.

I like to be able to flank, maneuver, use the terrain, vegetation and obstacles to camouflage and conceal myself, etc… instead of having tags constantly revealing everyone’s position.

Besides- realistic physics. In Arcade, tanks have 3x times higher engine powers and turret traverse speeds, they feel like toys to me instead of actual tanks.

Plus the penetration viewer is misleading as hell and annoying to someone who knows what they are doing xD

In short; I like to feel like I am in a tank in a battlefield with other tanks, not playing a Call of Duty Shipment match with player models that are only tanks in external appearance!


after playing 11.7 for a few hours, Shipment felt bigger than WT maps

If I wanted to play an arcade game, I’d play Space Invaders.

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I got into war thunder in general to play a more immersive/realistic game than what I was used to regarding ww2 stuff. Sadly that atmosphere has been lost over the years and what is left is an arcade+ game even in realistic/sim.

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Neither low tier nor high tier is static given current meta. The only way you’re finding battles that are static is around 6.0 where super heavies come in to play and it takes ~3 shots average to destroy a tank.

Ground vehicles offer very dynamic engagements with flanking and I have more of an attachment to tanks than I do planes. Realistic means no assisted aim making concealment something to think about and the general “skill” of placing your shot more of a thing.

cause arcade is horrible