Why do we have to wait for the M61 cannons to spin up?

I mean if this game is going for realistic vehicles, this should definitely be removed ASAP. This is just a popular myth that is so widespread that these rotating cannons need time to spin up. Its embarassing how long this is in game.

You can ask anyone who flew any F series jet with it if this is the case and you will always get the same answer - it fires when you pull the trigger. Simple.


Does the rate of fire remain consistent with this?

Is it a myth though cause from all the footage we see, it takes a split second for the gun to wind up. Then it fires. So I would beg a differ. On whether it is a myth or not. However, in-game it is exaggerated.

if there is documentation (that is not classified obviously), then things can be improved…

It may also be a game play balance thing too tho, for example if the counterpart weapon has a long spool up time

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What documentation do you have that suggests the delay in the first place?


As you can see above in my video same 20mm Vulcan has been used on every single aircraft since its introduction.
The wind-up is only for a very minor split second. So in-game, it is exaggerated but not by much and honestly isn’t really something that needs to be changed right now.

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Is that not the Gau-12 however?


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Your video looks like five barrels…

Probably the angle

It’s not the angle. Just a misnamed youtube video. It’s 100% the GAU-12.

The Vulcan having the option to spin up the barrels before firing doesn’t mean they can’t fire on the trigger pull btw.


Video by Tech. Sgt. Kevin Dennison and Senior Airman Nicholas Koetz
1st Special Operations Wing/Public Affairs

So possible it was mistaken though I’m doubtful since even slowing it down to 0.25 you can count all 6 barrels.

I think they are quite clearly a number of identifying features on the Gau-12 you can also see in your video.

And it doesn’t look as much like the Vulcan.

Yeah if you count once twice I guess.

You can clearly see how much of the circle three barrels completes. It’s more than you see on the Vulcans posted above.

There are other pictures of the M61A1. Which are different in design and more closely tied to the design of the Gau-12. Which came on the AC-130U.

If you can find a Vulcan that has this exact design that I seemingly only find on the Gau-12.



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[X for Doubt.]

one the one hand you ask for sources (valid) but write, that it could be also a balance thing.
Why have/ask/want sources at all then for counterparts of weaponry, if balancing it through performance (not br/mm or something) nerfs/buffs is a reason to ignore sources, even if available?

This is highly inconsistend and borderline hypocritical.

Yes it is a myth. Idk what videos you watched but gatling guns dont work that way…

If you want a realistic depiction DCS did it correctly. Thats how it should work. Its nothing game changing but just embarassing for a game that depicts realistic vehicles.