Why do Gun penetration inaccuracies get instantly shut down when bug reported?

Can anyone explain what the formula for penetration values is? It’s significantly wrong on quite a few tanks such as Chieftain which has a penetration value of 0M that it actually had in real life at a kilometre. Here’s the evidence I used in the report, why did it immediately get shut down and why does every other inaccuracy report also get the same treatment?


because gaijin doesn’t actually care about historical pen values, they make all this shit up on the fly using an algorithim they decided is superior to using the real values. They just plug in numbers to a computer and it spits out what the shell “should” pen.

The only thing you can get “fixed” is the numbers they put into the machine to begin with, like shell weight or velocity


its infuriating that the canon that imfamously has the longest tank on tank kill in history wouldn’t even scratch a target at half that range. its stupid to call this game realistic when the older weaker centurion is a superior tank at the chieftains BR because of the wildly wrong “calculation” of damage

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The Centurion’s 83.4 mm APDS is not superior to the Chieftain’s 120 mm APDS. The Chieftain APDS has far better angled armor penetration, and doesn’t shatter against armor composed of multiple plates of steel, both due to its alloy composition.


i still do far better at 8.7 with a mk10 centurion than a chieftain using APDS hitting the same spots, id say in practice it is superior despite the low odds of a shatter

He is referring to the Mk10 centurion, which is the one that is comparable.

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the 20pdr still performs mighty well up to 9.7 and is how I got britain to top tier, with a well placed shot id count it on par with chieftains APDS in all honesty, plus you don’t have a reload that is twice what it was in reality like chieftain suffers from

if by mighty well you mean, doesn’t perform well then yeah.

Still noticeably stronger against 55+ degree armor, which is the great majority of all armor at this BR.

And again, it doesn’t shatter. Unlike the Centurion Mk.10, you can go through composites like the T-55AM upper glacis plate.

Edit: As range increases, the gap between flat penetration decreases. The 120 mm APDS loses noticeably less penetration with range.

however the correct spot to shoot a T55 is the gunner position beside the canon as that will often break the breech as well as causing a brew off if they are carrying ammo in the back of the turret. the weakspots which are better to aim at at that BR are almost always still vulnerable to the centurion such as the lower glacis, driver viewport and gunsight of the T64B or everywhere other than the upper glacis of leopard 2K. most opponents are still more than possible to destroy, and faster to do so because of a superior reload rate

can even one shot a T90 (I know that’s a weak argument as the T90 is just a T64 on steroids but still)

They make things up, I think people have pointed out the flaws with this system many times and how it doesn’t work for certain shells or whatever either.


They use a formula to standardize everything. Before that, pens would change almost every update because different sources had different numbers.


I believe I’ve read the main issue with their algorithm is it does not consider shell material, so you can have 2 seemingly identical shells in real life - but one uses this alloy/composite while the other uses another - so they perform differently. In game, they perform equally.


I’m curious how the current calculations affected penetration across the board, I know Germany got gutted at low tier as well with their 20mm going from 68mm to 44 overnight, just losing 35% or so of it’s pen with zero compensation or BR change or anything.

All penetration of kinetic rounds is calculated via a formula.

Regular pen values in documents are no longer accepted.

You need the following;
Velocity of penetrator
Material type and density of penetrator
Length of penetrator
Type of penetrator
Weight of penetrator.

These all get plugged into a formula to generate the in game figures.


Why does ‘a formula’ take precedent of actual documentation?

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I believe the reasoning was multiple nations had different methods and criteria for their own various penetration figures. As a result not all figures are 1:1 with each other so the Devs decided to standardize it rather than having a bunch of despondent values from the various nations.


Absolutely this. The chieftain APDS and gun are absolutely fantastic. Doesn’t shatter and spalls like crazy with good angled modifiers. The 20pdr on the other hand has a lack of spalling and shatters on track links and return rollers and all sorts of other silly stuff.

People saying the chieftain gun is bad is wild.

Rip wirbelwind

But the deMarre calculation used is only relative. It gives you the predictive variation, extrapolating from a reference round of known penetration.

It’d be interesting to know which are the reference rounds in game for the various ammo types, and which country tested them, but I don’t think that’s ever been shared.