Why do CAS players so vocally oppose any suggestions

1 and 2 NP

3 Yeah just had to show an armchair expert a video of a UK loader in a ChALLY 2 doing Two piece ammo in under five seconds after he claimed he “knew” an M1 cant reloaded in 5 second with one piece.I spared him the M1 3 second reload video.

4 "Am I against TO? Absolutely " And the reasons given.No Problem there.I don’t agree with the bit about WTs vison becuse That is subject to change and it’s their prerogative to change but it’s no big deal.

The point you raise about priority I agree with 100%. I see the endless posts asking for this vehicle and that new nation and it’s like FFS !!! The maps are being murdered the game is filling with copy paste and we have the same damn tank on every side like an old Atari game and people want more nations to join in the s**t.

It could be said though that priority is down to taste.I can say hat some night CAS makes me rage quit other night I placidly suck it up and carry on.I see that as my problem not Gaijins.

I can live with CAS and I do have success with pretending to be dead and dodging it.I find SPAA to just be like a red rag to a bull mostly though,it’s terrible.

The us and them? Too much petty argument and nastiness. Not enough time taken when replying to posts. Also you can see Warthunder forum people acting as pure cliches WiTh tHIs KInD Of Bs.
Using phrases they dont understand to look clever ,Strawman etc etc. Just kids probably.

Its just habitual and even I get sucked into the stupidity.Down to me not to I guess.

Anyway with a bit of lick and Gaijin cooperation the TO thing may get a resolution.Not holding my breath though.

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You were saying you shouldn’t get in a plane because it’s “unreliable” and the “Jagdtiger might not even be alive when they get there”. If you don’t see how that’s saying CAS is bad then maybe you’re the one who needs to learn English again.

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No I didn’t but I did say you might want to get a better translator : )

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He is just a troll who can’t even do that right.


Even at the risk of feeding a troll here:

No, this is not what he said.

He said that CAS is not the ultimate solution, because it might not be available due to lack of SP, it requires the sacrifice of the tank he is currently in and there is a possibility that his target is already gone by the time he reaches the battlefield with an aircraft.


But also, while getting a weaker/less front reliant ground vehicle into the right position/situation a friendly with a different vehicle/nation/lineup might pop said “problem enemy”. You are not guaranteed the stat boost, same for the air.

You just sacrificed time/position, and maybe made a lot more vulnerable (therefore chance to lose vehicle), wasting the SP of your vehicle for nothing as a friendly in another vehicle is able to dislodge said enemy.

Nothing is the ultimate solution really, hence WT used to be good when people used all tools in unision in an RNG team. It can all work/balance if people are on a similar page. But we know most probably want to be the “hero” so unable to consider other perspectives within a match.

Yes I am nitpicking. But really “there is no ultimate solution” anywhere.

Then I honestly don’t know what point he was tryna make or if he was tryna say CAS is too powerful or too weak, cause he’s been arguing that it’s too powerful.
Either way, CAS is always a better solution to fighting King Tigers or Jagdtigers in a Jumbo 75

It is not as it doesn’t resolve anything

I have air up to rank 7 in two countries, while other countries are at least rank 5, for air. I’m likely numbered among the biggest complainers when it comes to trying to have a good tank battle. Go figure.


Git gud 😆

What do you mean by this?

I find it amusing that having a no-fly mode as a selectable choice like night maps or smaller player count air matches would be a very simple solution. Instead, we got complicated mixed-mode BRs with higher BRs for CAS aircraft AND higher SP costs for CAS. When people complain about the SP changes, Stona refers people to threads like this about a no-fly mode…that they refuse to implement.