Why did they make the bases repsawn slower... i waited the whole match only to get 1

2 questions here actually

first, why did they tweak the repsawn time of the bases in air battle?
i just had a match where there spawned too many bombers or aircraft with bombs on for me to even get a base in the first wave
i then had to wait for the whole match only to be able to bomb 1 base cause the bar just started to drain like crazy

and this brings me to my next question
why is it that sometimes the bar drains so fast?
the match was still going strong
we had 4 on our team and 5-6 on the enemy team but for some reason, the bar just starts to drain like crazy and that resulted in that i could only get 1 base

and with a RP booster of 432% its something that makes my p*ss boil
what factor is determining the drain speed?

that match was little over 9 min and i had to fly and wait just to see it end right in front of me

Your first question can be solved by using the search function, and your second with posting the replay link…



After watching the replay it is obvious that the ai planes of the enemy team decided the match - your rather slight ticket disadvantage increased whilst the enemy team (the guy in the draken) shot down 3 of your ai planes (ticket drain of your team and preventing them to kill enemy tickets) whilst your team killed no ai planes.

It boils down that some maps have extremely sensitive tickets, they drain way too fast - and the ai planes have a very large impact on tickets. So the guy in the draken won the match with his 1 player and 3 ai plane kills.

Base respawn is like 5 minutes for who knows why

oki so AI can drain it so fast… god i hate this game all that boosters out in the drain

got ya thanks
now i know i have to set a timer of 5 min and can get afk mean while

Yeah, and probably come back dead because people TK you now to get the base because Gaijin has no idea what they’re doing and just ruin the game all the time.

Or perhaps shoot down AI? So no more tears because “so fast”…

Gaijin is fighting against botters base bombing, and this is a result,its actually good change. Now they also need to reduce Phantoms or anything able to wipe 2 and half or three bases to 4 per team like bombers. And reduce RP from bombing, cause its insane that you bomb a base and instantly die and get 6k RP with no boosters, yet in fighter you kill two planes, die and get 3k.

Well, but in the second case, you get fun!

How is that a good change? The player gets screwed out of bases and has to deal with teamkillers because Gaijin fails to deal with botting??

Sounds more like issue of players being used too much to bomb bases in their fighters instead of utilizing them to what they were made for aka fighting aircraft. Right now majority of Phantoms just base bomb instead of play as fighter.

So reduce the rewards for bombing instead of ensuring that only the fastest jets and planes are able to get a bombing target.

They should reduce reward for bombing, but then people will cry that they have to play fighter in their F-4S cause they want no brain bombing rush to base and die to grind instead of having to make some actual effort to gain RP. Cause the majority of these 1k RB games max accounts dont know how to even use the radar and Sparrows on their Phantoms as all they ever did was base bomb. And only fastest jets and planes getting a base to bomb was like this since beggining, even when there were just three bases per map and airfield was bombable. The ones who didnt got base to bomb usually continued to bomb the airfield.

So now nothing has changed and people still do it whilst screwing everyone else who wasn’t as fast and teamkilling those who are faster in order to get a base.
This is some 5 IQ solution, as expected.

Imagine reworking base bombing for the first time in over a decade, it’s baffling with how low my expectations are for Gaijin and yet they manage to lower the bar every time to how lazy and incompetent they truly are… the only thing they know how to do is manipulate numbers and blindly rely on their broken formulas, and even at that they suck…

The solution is right there, its to reduce the bombing rewards and fight players instead of bombing. Its that easy,so you wont have to deal with anyone trying to tk u or fight over a base with him.

Yet bombing is still rewarded, it’s just decreased and made annoying and toxic.

The people wont bomb if it wont be worth it for them tho. They will switch to fighting players.

Some planes rely on bombing because it’s their only redeeming feature, we have tons of bombers in the game.