Why did the War Thunder developers remove aircrafts ability to capture ground points?

Recently they removed the ability for all aircraft except helicopters an VTOL aircraft to capture points.
I don’t understand the reasoning as to why you would remove it.
I would like this mechanic to be brought back. It was fun to do if you could do it.


They didn’t remove, they just made landing wayyyyyyyyyy harder. If you get slightly damagd you are forced to j-out

They did remove it. It was in the patch notes when the change was introduced.

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You’ve said this a few times, but I’m sure you actually are just misreading it… It refered to drones and the like, not actual planes…

Can you go find it per chance?

The only thing remotely like it is this… Update - Updates - Game - War Thunder

A bug that caused the quadrocopter of the air defence soldier to capture points in the “Mobile Infantry” event has been fixed.

VTOL & helis only.

Go try landing on a cap point. It doesn’t work any more. They found it in the files for the dev server.

I’ve known about this for months… It’s not just a fresh implementation…

It does not work.
It may or may not have been in the patchnotes depending on region. Almost certainly was in the russian ones

it is a bad change

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RB: It seems really dumb and cartoonish for a “realistic” mode. Helicopters don’t, but they allowed those to still cap, so seems fine by me.

AB: It fits flavor/theme to an “arcade” mode, but instead it feels really OP there since you can get multiple tries and failed crashes in one life without using up any spawns. I guess since you can’t choose your airplane (to get one with a slow stall speed), it wouldn’t be very OP in mid+ BR, but at low, yeah.

When they implemented it there was a story in history that went with it.

Funny that…

just another way for them to say " f you and you R.P gain "

A guy in real life captured the A point and turned it blue for his team with a biplane? Impressive.

I think you jest, but it shows your ill-confidence in your stance.

Uh you seem to have forgotten the part where “there was a story in history that went with it”?

It encouraged you to read it, so it’s so good…

You mustn’t like fun to be honest, you must be a hoot at those non-parties.

It needs to be brought back in, as it was actually able to be done, and was very effective.

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So that’s 2 out of 2 threads in a row now interacting with you where you intentionally lied. Is there a block feature on here, guys?

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Did I lie, or was I merely mistaken… WHO COULD KNOW…

No idea where the first thread you proclaim my ‘lie’ to be in because knowing where you’re lurking, there’s a lot of perception going on, and your prejudice is getting tiresome.

(Edit - Yea, nah, no lie in that interaction, it’s just your refusal to accept a point about the ability of you to use SPAA efficiently, because you don’t want to do anything other than die as a tank against planes to proclaim they’re OP… lul… Take a step…)

Like an hour ago, you: “Don’t spawn an SPAA every match”

“Okay what about the other matches then, what do I do about CAS there?”

“Spawn SPAA”

“But you just said not to always do that”

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did here’s a link”

“[blank stare] anyway moving on”

Well, yea, I didn’t actually say that, because you’re selectively quoting and trying to force the statement… You were rebutting my statement about spawning SPAA first…

Show some INITIATIVE and THINKING… Maybe that would help your ‘struggles’…

But you can play a fool all you want, the fact is the feature we’re talking about in here, should be brought back in.

ok bro

(does in game blacklist work here, maybe? Anything? New forum is so bad)