Why did the War Thunder developers remove aircrafts ability to capture ground points?

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ROFL, that’s a funny flex there. So good to know you’ve added me for merely being opposed to your stance…

I’m sure its very realistic for tank crews after 3/5 of them have been killed to repair every component on a tank under a minute. Or to be able to control top mounted machine guns whit what seems to be witchcraft. Or to be able to move after all your fuel tanks have been destroyed.

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Well,… it is normal to me,… non VTOL are mostly unable to land on rough terrain.

Even VTOL / helicopters aircrafts are not capable of doing so,… as it depends on the quality of terrain.

While IRL things are different, the choose of Gaijin Devs is currently quite fair.

So what if IRL things work differently? This is a game. Its supposed to be fun.

It is based on IRL capabilties,… the fun is not a magic word to add anything stupid

It’s not, there were several airplanes built and used that had STOL capability and could land on short patches of grass or rougher terrain.
Not to mention the fact that if I remember correctly there is even a single player mission ingame where you’re supposed to do a similar landing.

STOL capabilities are to be used outside of combat areas,… to refuel purposes,eventually rearming ones.

STOL aircraft still requires a fair amount of runway length and somehow basic prepared terrain to land (one pass of a bulldozer, or a dirt road)

That’s both true for MiGs, French Jaguar/Barougan/Mirage F.1,… every other aircrafts → go check requirements for those STOL aircrafts

That’s far different from VTOL purpose, which is able to land on most surfaces, with the only required space being 1.5 times the aircraft length of completely unprepared terrain.

Why are you assuming that I’m talking about jets? Does the name Fiesler Storch ring any bells? Or the Westland Lysander? Night insertions or pickups behind enemy lines are not outside the combat area.

Well,… that’s none of current aircrafts in game.

Tank cannons phase through walls what are you talking about.

Idk what IRL has to do with the topic given we are talking about aircraft having the ability to turn huge A in the sky blue to make the red ticket counter go down.

On a serious note its quite sad to not reward people who succeed at something very difficult.


Well, … it was given as an example. It was you who brought IRL into the mix.

Realism is valuable when other considerations are covered already. The game is completely unworkable without fast repairs at a basic functional level. So realism must take a back seat as it would carry a huge cost.

The game is not totally unworkable if planes can’t cap points, in fact it is a little bit MORE balanced without that. So realism carries no big side effect cost, and you can/should lean toward realism

Fuel tanks: Yeah you SHOULD be knocked out when all your fuel tanks are gone, what of it?

Pintle MGs: Yeah you SHOULD have to choose to be buttoned up or not and toggle usage of your pintle MG, what of it?

Except planes can cap zones if it is a Vtol aircraft.

As it stands its an accidental or arbitrary restriction that makes it less balanced between nations as only some have Vtol capable aircraft available.

But if one is honest it doesn’t actually matter wether it is there or not, fixing it to where one can capture with a regular plane would just make the game more consistant in how it treats different vehicles.

Also its a fun game mechanic which is why i want it.

Edit: i will also point out that the ““realistic”” choice here is to model the landing surface to where its impractival to land at all (which it allready is, but sinking into mud makes it worse), and not what is currently where some vehicles can’t for whatever reason

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WWII aircraft literally landing on a bombed to pieces weat field “am i a joke to you?”

This game is about as realistic as Project Atlantropa is feasable.


It was already really rare for it to even happen, as most caps today are literally minefields for any aircraft trying to land. So decaping a point was usually the only use, and even for that they changed it a while ago to require a longer amount of contact with the cap, which was a good chnage.
But removal was unneeded and shows how little gajin cares about the community.
On social media people celebrate people who clutch games by decapping points in planes, the offical channel even made a short about it. Literally only positive feedback to be found.
And Gajin devs go “yep this needs to go because it could encourage fun”

Which is not cartoonish and unrealistic, so this (and helicopters) are actually pretty strong evidence that Gaijin did it for exactly the reasons I’m saying… I said “it’s unrealistic and cartoonish and weird” and they removed it ONLY for the unrealistic cartoonish weird vehicles, and did NOT remove it for the realistic ones. I didn’t even know that detail when I said it…

Also its a fun game mechanic which is why i want it.

I disagree, it is bypassing almost all the normal checks and balances of the game. Tons of vehicles have absolutely zero way to deal with planes getting to a point, whereas almost every vehicle can deal with tanks getting to a point (even an M16 SPAA can sneak out of a hidey hole, shoot tracks off of a KV-1, and stop it getting to a point). So it is not balanced = not very fun, actually.

On a serious note its quite sad to not reward people who succeed at something very difficult.

It’s not really that difficult, though, at least compared to reliably succeeding in the way that actually has all the counterplay and enemy strategy and checks and balances built in against it. You’re literally just landing a biplane (something people do all the time and is normally only awarded like 50 SL or something, for how not difficult it is considered) and hoping to get lucky to not get shot while you sit there defenselessly (and no amount of skill will make you not defenseless there, what are you going to snipe everyone with your rear 30 cal and make them too afraid to approach, lol?)

Fairly simple action + a bunch of luck =/= difficult.

In case this discussion continues and is drifting again to IRL events:

The Norwegian airport Oslo-Fornebu was captured by landing Bf 110s - you find some evidence in the wikipedia article of the nightfighter ace Lent; my other sources are stored in the basement.