Why can't we bring a gun on the F104S with the Aim 7Es?

I’m just wondering why. Is this a historical thing or is it purely a balance thing?

Prob isn’t. Wikipedia claims AIM-7s on outboard pylons only however some sources dispute this and given that Wikipedia isn’t really a reliable source I’m under the impression that it probably wasn’t possible to interfering with AIM-7 systems being linked with that of the trigger.

historical thing, they share the same wiring

Huh… makes sense… sad I just bought it hoping I could bring 4 aim 9js, 2 aim 7s, and a gun

and thats why you always inform yourself enough about vehicles before buying them for real money , it is specialy written in the wiki as well. Another good similar example was the mig 21 sps k premium from germany, you needed to choose between either flares or cannon, which arguably is even worse

It was on sale for 50% off so I figured fuck it lets buy it. I have the SPS K too, it slaps now with it’s much needed buff to 9.7 and r3-r headon cheese.

the dangers of sales xD