Why Brummbar is at 4.7?

There was a sale, as always in November, and I get frequently to face this beast. Because I am a newbie, I wonder which guns from the range 3.7-4.7 can pen and one shot this tank. This tank has a shell that pens as much as a M109G at 6.0, but has better armour (angled 100mm vs aluminum 32 mm).

Please teach me.

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I don’t play arcade but in realistic it’s because of the much worse muzzle velocity, no turret and the slower speed. The brummbar has big weakspots on the front armor aswell but most people rather shoot the thick angled plate for some reason

I asked for Arcade Battles. Is my topic not properly marked?

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The disadvantages are the same in arcade and realistic

So the velocity of the shell, which is compensated by a hit marker?
Lack of turret is a valid point.
Where are the big weak points on the armour?

Also, which guns from 3.7-4.7 can pen those weak points?

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The upper front plate has just 20mm which most guns can pen

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It’s still harder to hit on long ranges even in arcade. Hitting a driving tank is not easy especially on ranges because the aim marker shows you how high you need to aim but not with how much lead

It’s impossible.
Submit to your German masters and accept your death.

When will we get a proper, mass produced Brummbar instead of the early, converted rarity that is currently in the game?:

Arcade you get an aiming reticle to tell you where the shell will land.

It has a 1.0 gun, with slow mobility, yes it had decent ish armour, but that’s about it, if you need to, track it, flank it, destroy it.

Weak spots:

  • Transmission box, then while it’s immobile, go around its side and shoot anywhere (or even just 45 degrees to one side through the shoulders)

  • Tracks, same but just less good

  • Barrel, then while it cannot fight, again go around side or just 45 degrees and shoot wherever.

  • Pincer it, it’s only good armor from front on, so even a slight spread of enemies can screw it over. Even if both of you are in front of it but just spread out like 50 degrees, it’s enough.

  • Ask a TD on your team to lolpen it anywhere.

I will give you two pieces of advice.

  1. stop playing arcade.
  2. start playing RB

Let a man play arcade if he wants.
I hate mode elitism in this game.


Well hold your horses. I am only giving this guy advice, it’s up to him if he even wants to listen to it. So calm yourself.

Advice for you:
Let people play what they want.


get down from your high horse. reconsider who the elitist here is


You gave no rational or relevant reason for the advice though, how it solves his problem or anything, so it’s just elitism. The Brummbar is slightly better in arcade, but 1) That’d be an absolutely absurd reason to switch one’s entire mode, and 2) It already has a higher BR in AB to compensate that.

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