Why bother playing the EJ Kai at the moment?

It’s the only phantom sitting at BR 11.7, and ergo the only one to still see SU-27s, Mirage 4Ks, and JAS-39s, all while being a hardwing (non-Agile Eagle) Phantom chassis armed with only 9Ls and 7Fs…

For reference, the Kurnass 2000 gets to sit pretty at 11.3 with six Python 3s plus those handy slats the EJ Kai is missing.

My suggestion? Either give it AAM-3s it historically carried and move it to 12.0 (Making it the deadliest brick around) or simply move it down to 12.3 alongside the K2000.

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Japan players are cracked at the game (according to gaijin) so they must have shitty useless planes and tanks that get nerfed every yodate

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Frankly it was painful enough to grind back when it was just the F16s, using it to grind the F16AJ was pretty rough for me.

I wouldnt bother touching it these days, even though back before the F16 came out it was definitely one of my favourites.

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EJ Kai has AIM-7s with an F-16 radar.
Giving EJ Kai AAM-3s would make it 12.3, not 12.0.

So what? F-14A has the same 7Fs, phoenixes, and a better radar at 11.7. F-4J has the same 7Fs, and the agile eagle pack, at 11.3.

The AAM-3s arent enough to make it the same BR as a god damn F-15 when theres the F-16 ADF sitting at 12.0 with 7Ms and 9Ms (of which the AAM-3 is barely better than).

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There are no 9Ms at 12.0, and F-15s are OP right now and should be 12.7.

You are right on the 9Ms, the I checked the wiki initially and it is wrong, just checked in game.

the rest of it holds true, theres no reason the EJ Kai should be 12.3 with just those missiles. 12.0 yes, 12.3 no.

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The ADFs don’t have 9Ms, but Harrier GR.7 and AV-8B+ do at 11.7. However I do agree that the F-4EJ Kai deserves more of its IRL armament (AAM-3, AIM-7M, ASM-1/2, GCS-1, perhaps CBU-87/B once a thing).

Magic II probly has a better IRCCM method than AIM-9M/AAM-3 for rear-aspect shot, which is also already available at 11.3 and above. Apart from IRCCM Missiles, we should not neglect that far more capable jets (M2K, MIG-29, F-16 BLK.10 / ADF) are just 0.3 BRs higher than the EJ Kai. Even after the BR Changes, I still come across F-15s.
Personally, I see no problem with AAM-3 on the F-4EJ Kai, unfortunately I feel like that it might come later like the AIM-9L.

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I very much doubt giving the EJ Kai AAM-3s would be enough to warrant an increase to 12.3.

Pretty much everything at that BR would either outspeed or outmaneuver it (or both) already, especially considering most other Phantom chassis at that range get agile eagle slats (and as mentioned before, the Kurnass 2000 gets a much better armament than the current with said slats at 11.3…

Yeah, honestly looking at it, the F-16s are at 12.3 with the 9Ms, 7Ms (better than the 7Fs the EJ kai gets) the same radar, while completely blowing it away in speed and maneuverability.

Theres no reason it’d be any higher than 12.0. In fact looking at it I think you could even make an argument - though it’d be quite a tough argument - that it could almost stay at 11.7 with AAM-3.

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Is there any other Japanese downgraded F-4s that can be added around 10.0 to 11.0?

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nope doesn’t look like it. they had an RF-4EJ which was a recon plane, so I presume it didnt carry any weapons and thus is useless for WT

edit: unless they bring in planes from another nation like South Korea (which I think would be a nice idea for both japans ground and air trees honestly)

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