Why are the Sherman .50 cals in RB mode so useless against planes?

It feels like making CAS even more powerful and harder to kill but most mid range Sherman’s are heavily gimped in RB when nit comes to Anti-air duties. In AB they are fast tracking, with good up and down movement, yet in RB they restrict their vertical movement by 75% which seems weird, also the lateral speed is slow as well making tracking planes very difficult. Getting absolutely murdered by planes in a previous match as the .50 (an historically excellent anti air gun) takes ages to look up and even longer to look down.

Give the tanks a chance? At least give the turret .50 decent tracking. The guy operating it would be historically be sitting on the outside aiming up in .5 of a second, not 10+ seconds to look up at the IL2 that’s strafing him.

To me it just seems another case of keeping planes a ‘protected species’.

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The Sherman aren’t spaa tho?

All turrets and guns get a traversal buff in arcade so no it isn’t weird

The gun were there as more of a deterrent to plane then anything, be happy that you at least got a .50 cal and stop whining. Also if you hate cas ( we all do) bring an spaa or an air superiority fighter with you next time.


Yeah, these 2 quotes totally contradict one another. We can’t have a guy sitting on the outside of the tank firing a .50 because that would absolutely screw every tank in the game. HE is too good and it would absolutely destroy all tanks. It would make planes more powerful arguably.

Every time I go SPAA I just paint a huge 'Get the SPAA!!" target on me. Planes should be scared of them, not suddenly trip over themselves in trying to kill them…

Trust me it get worse in the futures as the m16 would be your best spaa till the m163, this is speaking as a current us ground grinder. Best you can do is just learn trigger discipline and open up to fighter when they are close and are not maneuvering to then surprise them with your hails of .50 cal, or a more viable options is to just bring a fighter.

I don’t like flying, I’ve tried US SPAA all the way to BR 8 but nothing is really effective.

Last game a 262 with a 50mm cannon was just flying around murdering tanks, the 2 SPAAs on put team could not touch him and the token fighter we had was hopelessly outclassed. I lost 2 heavy tanks in the open then quit out of frustration.

I’m having a break from WT, this game just pisses me off too much.

Solution don’t put yourself next to nothing then and aim above a target. I am positive that you aim straight at the target rather than learning to lead. You know aim above, or to the left and right of where the engine placement is?

.50 cals on US tanks are weak? thats news to me, I honestly have very few issues knocking down planes with them. in fact a pintle .50 is a GIGANTIC advantage, many tanks don’t even get that. Germans get a pintle .30 cal which is pathetic, and many other tanks only get a turret coax .30 cal thats useless against planes.

if I am flying a plane in GRB (which I do, regularly) why would I not make the biggest threat on the ground to my survival a priority target? The pro tip to SPAA is to not just spam at them 24/7 from your spawn when they are 3+km away.

Drive out of your spawn (because I know SPAAs sit there and I am going to just avoid flying over it) and wait for them to get close, then open up on them as they fly over at close range when they don’t know you are there. Easiest way to kill a plane as an SPAA.

If you just sit in your spawn plinking away at planes way up out in the sky, I will follow your tracers to where you are sitting, wait for you to stop shooting at me and start shooting at a different friendly plane, and then strafe you when you aren’t looking at me.
I will do the same thing if you are in a Sherman or something with a .50 cal, so wait until they are close, and only then open up on them.


Right. In RL a plane might get scared away from tracer fire but in ground RB you just make yourself an easy to see target.

It’s also much harder in RL to target someting on the ground but in WT mouse aim and third person makes it easy to track and hit targets.

Unless you have a good chance to hit the plane, it’s best to lay low and wait for them to get close.

Your problem

That’s skill issue

No, they weren’t that great historically.

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Really? Because I don’t find that when I play Shermans. I find that it is actually quite easy to kill aircraft with Sherman .50’s.

That’s how the game modes work… Everything is faster and “better” in AB. In RB everything is supposed to be more realistic, hints the name…

Again, it’s not that bad. Yeah, if a plane is maneuvering around your tank only a couple hundred FT away, it’s gonna be hard to track em, but that’s mainly due to the crappy horizontal targeting of 50’s.

They do, you have the option to use SPAA, CAP aircraft, OR pintal mounted guns like the .50 cal…

It has this :)

Do you see a guy sitting outside your tank firing the .50 cal??? If you do you should def go see an eye doctor. And does the VIDEOGAME look like REAL LIFE to you? Do you see landmines, infantry, body parts being blown off??? No… Have you seen some o the inaccuracies in the game? You can just add this complaint of not having the “right” tracking speed to the long list of inaccuracies. :) Also, can you please tell me when in REAL LIFE, like YOU are talking about with these tracking speeds, did a IL-2 attack a Sherman?

Looking at you MIP, your not moving, and just sitting in spawn, that indeed, does scream, please come and strafe/bomb me. Get strategic positioning before complaining.

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Maybe tank AA guns should be automated like on aircraft and ships.

They actually are not useless. They are very effective if you use them correctly. Especially with new or crappy pilots.

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No, that’s a terrible idea

Nothing more annoying than spawning in a spaa and get instantly strafed/bombed/atgm’ed the second you start to move though, so thats not always even a solution!

Although I find that .50 cals on Shermans work fine vs aircraft when you surprise them and not start firing when plane is 2+ km away…

That is definitely the solution, the issue with being spawn camped is three things.

  1. people being degenerates

  2. no respect for you enemy

  3. gaijins spawn protection being so broken it’s a joke (Aka: when I spawn camp, they have protection for 15-30 second, when I get spawn camped, I have it for 3-5 seconds)

Yeah, if your shooting, even above 1.5km, your wasting ammo and time, as well as attention. I’d just say that the “.50 is bad” statement is a skill issue.

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Solution would be much bigger maps, dynamic spawn areas, more cover at once so you are not totally in the open ( 2.battle of El Alamein map comes to mind) imo.

Maps are suited for arcade but not RB!

Not disagreeing with what you said otherwise!

I agree, I would like to see a FRC map style like in Air EC/SIM EC. Large scale combat, that’s constantly live and changing. Also see some more vehicle classes and types come to the game, almost kinda like a mix between GHPC and Squad. Oh, and don’t even get me started on multi crew vehicles & gameplay. That’s the next step for war thunder In my opinion.