Why are the Marders at 7.7 and 8.0?

Also Marder A1 for some reason, is incredibly easy to kill, I mean the thing always blows up when an ap/apfsds goes through the turret? because I expect it at the very least received some unmanned turret treatments like the AGS or 2S38.

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Well it’s kind of unmanned. The crew is kept below the turret but 20 mm ammo in the turret can still be ammo racked which seems to happen a lot. Not sure if there is anything seperating the crew from the ammo.

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Why would you put them at BRs where you can find MORE armor?

The Marder A1 needs better penetration for its APCR at all distances and degrees of inclination apart from checking the damage log, since it seems that the server does not record many of the shots. Apart from that the ATGM Milan needs a improved guidance and above all a more correct and stable damage, since the ATGM responds very slowly to the movements of the sight and also does ridiculous damage. After using the Marder A1 I moved on to the BMP-1, and the difference is abysmal Not only does the BMP-1’s cannon make it much easier to kill, but even its first ATGM is better than the Milan in both guidance and damage.

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The milan is what it is, other vehicles have milan but no-one is complaining about those vehicles.

Why cant people accept certain things are as intended.

A 90mm gun has the characteristics of a 90mm gun, expecting it to change to that of a 105 would be silly.

The same with the milan suggestion.

Why does everyone expect the vehicle that they use to be the best at its br and if it’s not, then it’s “broken” or the vehicle should be made into an imaginary one with imaginary stats and weaponry?

I dont expect the milan to perform like the bmp missile - you know why? because it is not a bmp missile, it is a milan.

Allow it to fire the missile on the move, plain and simple, it shouldn’t be forced to pull over, park the car, pull the handbrake and sit there to fire missiles where even without all that you’re at a disadvantage due to the low velocity and lackluster damage of the ATGM, where you’re lucky to get 2 kills out of total of 4.

At the very least, I hope that they did the same thing that they would do in reality. At the very least, I hope that an ATGM that pierces 500mm does more damage than one that pierces 400, and that it has reasonable guidance. In the same way as if a 90mm cannon with the T33 ammunition could pierce the front of a Panther at 900 meters in reality, at least it does so in the game as well.

Because it’s not in the Russian tree, I hope you will be satisfied with the answer there

britain truly suffers…imao

Other players complain about the game, game mechanics and vehicles.
That guy just non-stops complains about other players complaining, to the point it’s basically trollying, since it doesn’t add anything to the discussion.
Infact he just brings up arguments that others could say, just to prove that they have no right to complain.

You say: This vehicle sucks because of xzy.
He says: Oh so you want this vehicle to be lowered to 7.0? Then what? Should a Tetrach be 10.0 because it can kill a Abrams?

Of course it’s true that there’s a lot of unnecessary discussions and complaints because players don’t know how to use a vehicle but that doesn’t mean that some critisism is valid.

Vehicles like the Marder or Ratel are just not that effective, since they have to rely on a low velocity missile that might not even kill a vehicle when hit, with the auto-cannon being too weak to rely on for medium tanks.

It’s the same reason why almost all ATGM vehicles suck. At best they are good for defense but they are also very map dependant. So most of the time any other vehicle would lead to better results for the team.


Just after the last major update they made ammo always explode when distroyed, the ammo feed for the marder takes up a large amount of space in the turret unfortantly. Combine the two and the marder becomes fairly easy to deal with

Unfortantly it’s realistic thing, the milan is a wire guided system. The downside to wireguided systems if you fire when moving at speed, the wire is very likely to snap and/or tangle on pretty much everything. The BMP2M can fire on the move because it uses laser guided ATGMs

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Then model wire snapping instead of this nonsense… if I’m moving in the direction of travel of the missile I don’t see it being a big issue either, vehicles are not actually prevented from firing on the move, it being less than ideal is not really an argument because then you should apply this to all WW2 tanks because none of them enjoy firing on the move all that much.

Or allow a tank to move x meter after launching until they lose connection, I should be able to fire whilst braking, and if you move too far you lose connection, causing the missiles to continue traveling in a straight line or whatever.


Honestly I’m not going to bother explaining anything more, because from where I’m sat you’re just looking for an argument. I will leave you with this though: IRL the gunner/commander has to get out to fire the milan on the marder (and on the warrior & Ratel), so it could be worse.


Sure, but many vehicles get a pass on that, heck all the roof mounted MGs don’t have an operator either so it’s not really a big argument against the Marder.

Point is that nothing is preventing the ATGM from being fired on the move and right now it’s what is holding them back massively, same with M113s, Type 89s and everything.



Don’t forget they’ll face more APHE rounds that will always nuke the crew.

Personally haven’t had much trouble with the Marders. Granted they’re definitely not optimal for all scenarios but really, what vehicle is anyway.
Flank 'n Spank is the name of the game for the Marders. And staying hidden of course. Hills are very easy to hide behind, and with 17° (?) of gun depression popping out of cover to spray an enemy can be quite easy.

What I’m trying to say is, the Marders are excellent IFVs, as long as they are played properly by utilising their strengths and not allowing the enemy to take advantage of the drawbacks of the Marders.

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When I see a battle starting and team up with germany, I know it is lost from the start! Because of this! They have good vehicles but the players suck! Really! They think they can just press “z” for victory like USSR mains!

Look at that, german mains crying now about Marder! Fast, good mobility, stabilizer, Deadly auto-cannon, atgm…

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you didnt even play the marders else you would know that no marder has a stabilizrt


true but his point still stands.