Why are the f4 adtw and ej with no pulse Doppler radar fighting jets like mig 23

just a quick question, finding it funny how the adtw and and ej phantom fighting mig 23s is even balanced in the slightest? the radars on both jets are pretty much useless as the only time you’ll ever get a lock is if they’re 8k km up in the clouds. mean while the radar on the 23s are able to lock pretty easily at their br


BR compression.
Gaijin won’t fix that.

Thank god i bought the t-2 early, its actually good now with aim9p’s.

you might want to change your title i thought you were on about the F4S

Yeah have to agree with the previous comment, the title definitely doesn’t fit with what you are actually talking about. After all your taking about the F-4EJ and the ADTW version and not the F-4S, it should be F-4’s and not F-4s because not only is it misleading in terms of what aircraft you are taking about in question but the fact is that other variants of the F-4 are very much able to fight Mig-23’s without the same issue.

Though as for the whole matter I won’t say it’s an issue when it’s the early Mig-23’s such as the M and MF which have very few countermeasures and terrible radars. Sure they do fly better a F-4EJ however that aircraft isn’t suited going 1 on 1 with any really particular aircraft other than itself. Also another thing to mention is that the Mig-23 does not have pulse Doppler but has MTI/LD mode which the former works kind of like a PD radar at low altitude for it but is still inferior to a PD radar and the latter just reduces the ground clutter but doesn’t get rid of it entirely.

fixed, I its more of directed to the ML which im super surpised didnt get bumped up to 11.7

if its a U.S Plane its radar won’t work and it’ll be fighting russian jets that have radars that will.

Radar i thin k
Yeah mti but it non where near as good as pd

Only way to make it work was using it for bombing, it’s stupid because it’s the only plane in the entire rank aside from the premium one, which is equally bad.

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the pd doesnt workhalf the time, and the aim 7 missiles won’t even hit a locked target.

Yeah they’re really really bad. People shitting on the t-2 early one or two years ago would be hating on this thing if it wasnt japans only top tier premium

aim7 has been either shadow nerfed or somethings bugged with it, its been like this for the past couple of patches. Apparently along with the 9m and the Aam-3. i’ve noticed it more today specifically, as for some reason 2/20 of the sparrows i’ve fired in the aj and adtw today have all missed