Why are the carriers broken?

Why has it been MONTHS of these stupid broken carriers for one team? The Ark Royal has NO DEFENSE AT ALL. What dumbass decided to make this switch? Bring back the Forrestal for both teams, it makes no sense that I can be strafed multiple times on the deck of my carrier and the other teams carrier is a pilot sniper from miles away.


TBH I’d like the AA turned back on for the Carriers as well as at least some of their escort battleships. For lower tiers it’s not a big deal but it’s a problem in high tiers


Merchant ships are similarly unbalanced. On Dover if I fly a Stuka from France I can fly right up to the merchant ships in the south-west corner, drop a bomb on one and then proceed to make several strafing runs on the remaining ships before heading home virtually unscathed; if I take a Swordfish from the carrier or Hampden from the UK I encounter a death ray before I can drop a torpedo against the eastern merchant ships.