Why are sniping spots being removed from maps?

I play mostly powerful AT vehicles and snipe. Every change made to the maps over the last year has been to remove sniping spots. Why is this being done?

This is not a side effect of general changes, the sniper spots are very clearly being blocked by new objects, or having all of their cover removed. I first noticed this on the Middle East city map, where the southern side’s sniper spots on the right were all blocked off by the addition of huge rocks. Just now I spawned into 38th for the first time in a while, and found that the spots on the upper right overlooking C are now all also blocked off by huge rocks.

This is typical of the changes I’ve seen on almost every map, useful sniper spots are reshaped to have no cover, or more cover is added to render them useless.

Why? Is there a discussion of this anywhere? There is nothing in the release notes. Yet this is clearly being done deliberately.

As someone that plays a sniper style, and simply doesn’t have the ability to play twitch, this is making the game much less enjoyable to me.


Unfortunately this is the will of the community. Long range engagements are unwelcome. I have adepted CAS and fighters to my lineups, because of this. I mostly spawn not at all or not in the vehicles I wanted to play.

There was talk from people complaining about getting ambushed and stuff for a long time. They’ve won.

In a big turn of irony, many changes done to “prevent spawn camping” made spawn camping more lucrative due to there being the longest ranged engagements on the map.


Well I’m the community too! Where were these discussions, and comments from the developers? I don’t see anything about this.

Just went into American Desert on the south spawn. Previously there were covered approach routes for the southern spawn to C (east of the town) and the northern spawn to A (beside the train tracks). Well the one side still has the train tracks, but the other now has a huge ridiculous rock sitting on their approach so they have to go across the open to get the C.

Middle East city lost the sniper points on the hill for the south side, but left them for the north side.

I don’t think I would be so upset if it was at least balanced, but these changes always seem to be giving one side of the map a massive advantage without being aware of it.


Theyre slowly dumbing the game down, turning every map into a close combat one.


You WILL knifefight in your three-lane CQB map in tanks designed to fight at long range hull down and you WILL enjoy it.


And people complain about CAS when they literally ask for it want to play CQC? You get bomb in return


True!!! I advocate for lon range maps since end of 2015,… but this is not going to be,…


A result of the community minority raging on steam about economy and game play. They went over the top appeasing the minority who asked for less cover, smaller maps and faster condensed game play.


Soviet tanks are designed for close range assaults, NATO tanks are designed for long range hull down fire. This is just devs making sure that every battle is CQB to give the soviet tanks designed for that kind of fighting have the best time


Yep, karma is a…

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Has been part of the roadmap for a while, and was included on the devserver for Sons of atilla, as per usual there were videos made on the map changes.

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M56 Scorpion was my favourite tank destroyer because it can shoot very far. And it wasnt even super OP, I just found it fun to play.Iits HEAT is average at best, recoil is very high and even biplane can kill it because its one of the most open crew vehicles in game. But the feeling when I eyeballed tank on 1500m and hit him was very satisfying.

After they removed these sniping spots on maps, its no different than playing city maps, where vehicles like M56 are useless.


But people were complaining of being spawnrushed, spawn sniped, and constantly ‘dying’ and the team not being aware, but all they could do was break to all and abuse someone for getting them instead of actually alerting the team as to where they were because the team doesn’t listen to thier pings apparently…

Most of the sniping spots removed were just ruining games tbh. Overall a good change


On new poland map, I was killed by tank like below after I spawned on right side. They fixed nothing while they ruined sniping spots…



This doesn’t mean jack… You’ve been pushed against.

The spawn sniping and rushing that I’m referring to is the maps that have been squeezed, like 38th paralell… The sides been pulled in so there is no flanking or alternative path other than directly in the middle.

Polands had height changes and various rocks spots moved about, this guy is in open field.

Are you wanting that map changed again because you got caught out?


Making maps more flat, more CQC, less sniping spots… I wonder what tanks benefit the most from that, maybe those that don’t really care if they’re being shot in the sides.


Yeah, well if i can’t enjoy the tanks maps that top tier supposed to play then i’ll enjoy picking packed enemies who really love CQC map in top tier tanks with CAS then and God i hope they stop crying CAS OP bla bla bla


Lol as if anyone could hurt those campers I mean CAS sure but you dont get to do that if all you do is die twice because every path has 3 or 4 people cross sniping it so nobody can move… Thats the real reason of the changes some people just go to you tube watch a vid on map then camp there special spot entire match meanwhile they never even found the spot they just copying what videos shown

The average specimen from the RB playerbase is nowhere nearly as good as they imagine, thus they tend to have significant emotionnal events when they get taken out in an ambushed or sniped.
Rather than incentivizing people to improve, Gaijin attemps to make maps safer, but so far they mostly managed to make them either unfun to play to the point that spawncamping becomes the optimal play, or they accidentally managed to make certain powerpositions impossible to counter, such as the North-West spawn of Poland.