Why are maps so small at 9.7+ BR

You want people to purchase modifications by forcing HEAT-FS on vehicles after it stops being able to penetrate armor, why are the maps so small?

Why aren’t you encouraging players to purchase the laser range finder modification?

Why the disparity?


Maps are small at every BR. People seem to like small maps. Even if some every now and then pop up and wish for bigger maps, like you now.


Because the average war thunder player can’t play bigger maps


Yea it makes them have to actually use their brain to calculate lead and drop and that hard stuff because they are stuck with the brain of a monkey that only havethe capability to spawn press w play what is pretty much CS-GO then when they get a kill (neuron-activation) then they get killed rage and spawn CAS or KA-50 or god forbid a drone. To smite the one who killed them. Then back to hanger and repeat. We that actually have brains are treated like shit.

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I’m an average WT player and I love me a big map. The large Tunisia one is now my favorite, purely because it’s not just throw on thermals-point-click-get-kills and allows for actual proper flanking and fun shenanigans. But that’s just me…


The average War Thunder player is extremely bad I do not weigh their opinion.

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I don’t like large maps, only favors fast tanks.

The complete opposite is true. Large maps only favor fast tanks when the map is an atrocious design like Pradesh. Larger maps allow you time as a heavy to move to a position as the enemy isn’t on you in 10 seconds.

Also, rounds lose penetration with distance. Larger maps - Longer distances - more effective armor.

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not at high tier where all the leopards rush to spawnkill you in less than 2 minutes and armor means jack shit

Yes the majority of maps in War Thunder are too small.


I agree to make maps bigger if u nerf all those western tanks BS acceleration, otherwise there is no point for bigger maps. Rush to cap points and destroy any1 trying to get close, this is not a good gameplay by any means.

“BS acceleration” what “BS acceleration” might that be? Russia’s tanks have the best horsepower per ton.

NATO tanks historically have better engines than Russian tanks as well, if you don’t like historical accuracy World of Tanks offers plenty of paper vehicles for you to enjoy.

Regenerative steering is also not modeled in War Thunder so “western tanks BS acceleration” is artificially nerfed by Gaijin’s laziness.


You can literally go watch videos on Youtube of tanks moving lol why would you make such obnoxiously false claims


It’s literally their job

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you only see tanks going full speed already a t72 or even a t62 can drive like that

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Yeah so what are you complaining about?

If they can just do that as you say what’s your complaint?

Check his post history, CCCP STALIN’s posts are like 80% just low effort ragebaits


Yea can play witness to that part, specially the comments

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War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier.


The issue persists. Why should I not highlight it?