Why again?

Why is War Thunder still promoted as FREE2PLAY game,when it isnt actualy FREE2PLAY? Even lower tiers will became tiresome at some point.You died too fast and you want backups that means spending REAL MONEY Researching is slow,premium can make it faster again you need REAL MONEY,you just want more SL because youre not getting enough,you need buy GE yet again you need REAL MONEY,you want research entire nation only tanks for example you need shit ton of time and shit ton of REAL MONEY.You want to experience everything? That means spending a literal fortune.So why is it still promoted as FREE2PLAY?

Most likely becsuse it IS free2play.


You are able to play it without spending money, so yes, it is F2P.

It is not free to progress at a reasonable rate tho.


I can’t recall ever having been charged anything to play this game.


YEAA cant win againts loyal fanboys,forgot about that

I pay to play but I don’t have to and I am no better than anybody else because of it.

If soup kitchen was helping the starving would they be wrong to because it was not on par with a top restaurant? Stop moaning about a free game.



Says incorrect info
Gets told wrong
must be loyal fanboys

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Its not too bad up to tier IV

You don’t really need to spend any money in this game. I haven’t spent a single penny in this game. But you need some premiums for grinding SL. You can get them by completing the battle pass however that requires a lot of time and dedication.

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Its “free2pay” you are free to pay either in money or time. Or not. That is what makes it “free2play” as long as you have diminished your expectations of reaching top tier sometime within your natural lifespan.

Sounds like skill issue

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I play this game since February 2015, yet, I did not spend even a single penny into the game. I have 3 nations all the way up to the top tier in both tank and planes, others are mostly in mid and high tiers. I do have plenty of Premium vehicles, like

- M8 LAC
- A-10A Thunderbolt II

- Pz.Sp.Wg.P204(f) KwK
- KW II 754 (r)
- Brumbär
- Sturmmörser (sturmtiger)
- Flegel’s Bf 109 A
- He 51 B-2/H
- Marcolin’s C.R.42 CN
- BV 238
- BV 155 B-1

- BM-31-12
- Ka-50
- I-29, ITP (m-1)

Great Britain:
- Matilda Hedgehog
- A.C.I
- Churchill Crocodile
- Centurion Mk.5 AVRE
- DB-7
- Hellcat Mk II

- B7A2 (Homare 23)
- A6M6c

- M64
- H-81A-2

- M13/40 (II)
- Zrinyi I
- Breda 90/53
- Ro.57 Quadriarma
- C.202D
- Bf 109 F-4

- E.B.R. (1954)
- Late 298D
- D.371 H.S.9
- P-38Q-25

- SAV 20.12.48
- J9 Early
- J26 David

BTW, I Get all of those vehicles in like last 2–3 years. Some of them are bought with the GJN that gained from selling event vehicles. Some of them are already event vehicles. Some of them given with “Battle Pass”. Some of them bought from the Warbond shop.
I have even a larger list of event vehicles that I own and use right now but not included in the list above, because none of them are Premium including Obj 279, AGS, Class 3 (p), Vilkas etc. I sold most of the useless ones that are not fit in my play style like LOSAT, Mirage etc.

There is plenty enough way to earn GJN and spend in the game without spending a single penny, or cent or what ever you use.


Did you have to pay anything before downloading the game? No? Then it’s free to play.

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Technically only the Reserve Vehicles are Free 2 Play

if you enter no card details then every vehicle is free to play


That doesn’t make any sense (to me).
You can play as much as you want, for as long as you want, without spending any money what so ever.

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Yes but for the non-reserve Vehicles you do have to pay SL to play with (Ammo / Repair Cost)

I’m a bit confused here.
Are you trolling? Because you can’t really be that knowledge lacking, right?


No need to mince words.

But from what i know you can run out off SL if you play like poop and then need to play with reserve Vehicles to get enough SL again if you are in negative to be able to repair your Vehicles again or refill their Ammo.

Of course you can get SL for free but its technically still behind a in-Game currency you need to grind for to be able to play - no SL = can’t play most Stuff.

Thats why i said ‘technically’ and not as fact of actual real Money and only the reserve Vehicles are truly free