Who is the better pilot

Who is the better pilot? I wonder how many will pick the right 1 or 2

  • The pilot who goes after the first bomber he sees, even though 4 others are all ready doing so
  • The pilot who goes after the biggest threat to the team
  • The pilot who watches his teams mates six
  • The pilot who only cares about his kill death ratio
  • The pilot in the bomber

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It’s a shame you can’t pick multiple options, 1 and 4 all day long.

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It wss supposed to be multi

Obviously this one.
Not because it is true, but because is can be proven…

Obviously it’s the pilot that crashes on take off.

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It will be the highest kdr because it means he is aware of stats and will be trying to learn how to be the best player he can be all that other stuff is very basic

Think i should of added last man standing, i shall have to do another 1 soon

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Don’t you mean the pilot who rams a friendly after taking off, killing them both?