Who here actually likes Naval and why?


Also how can this game mode even be justified with premium vehicles and grind content when there are so many bugs like floating ships and broken sounds?

I just spawned right on top of a gun platform boat, and I was killed 3 seconds later by the first artillery strike.

I find it fun sometimes playing PT boats and destroyers. Kind of getting more into cruisers and battleships but that is because i am finally reaching it. It is really fun seeing really large SL number pop up when you do kill someone. I do find parts of naval fun but i also find it annoying that lack of assistance gaijin is doing toward its health with the chinaman bots, and lack of actual modes and content.

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I like Bluewater. its relaxing. Though it really needs some work and so long as you aren’t grinding it all day. (HMS renown grind sucked) but its fun for the odd match. Coastal I could never get into because its economy sucked and its way too compressed.


Coastal is shit but HMCS Brantford is the most terrifying thing in the game. Other contenders are HMS Peacock/ Le Orla, M-17, Chris Chan, and mid cold war era frigates (SKR’s, Chukigo etc). Did I mention USS Douglas with 2 SAM’s?

Oh yeah, thats hilarious to use.

I do want to get down the Frigates at some point. I just get bored of the grind with coastal. They need to double the RP gains

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Yeah. I don’t want to spade HMS Blackpool until they add something after it. The RP rewards when you research each tier is no joke. I’m just trying to get the Canadian ship first then I’ll go further.

I do well mostly Costal. I started playing it to complete my Canadian collection but actually enjoyed the mod. (Only if the RP gain was good.).

I picked up LE Orla during the ani and she has been fun. I got Brantford last month shes’s been fun but hard to use.

I’m now working my way up to Terra Nova.

It’s been some time since I last played Blue Water however I remembered enjoying Belfast the last time I used her. And I have Haida but due to how new she is to my collection I haven’t used her enough to have an opinion.

I like Naval Vehicles be they Ships or Aircraft sadly War Thunder Naval mode itself is pretty bad EC is ok but very long .

I liked naval…
In the current state no more.
Bluewater ships don’t deal sufficient damage compared to the coastal ones.
Takes hours to sink a ship.
Now only br. 7.0 works, 6.0-6.3 is ruined.

Maybe that has to do with the significant size difference between a costal pt boat and a super dreadnought battleship

The biggest problems for Naval are: the premium Battleship spam, compression with significant power differences between Cruisers and Battleships that still face each other regularly, the low RP income for Costal alongside not great maps

It would be much better if the coastal and blue water ships hadn’t been split. No other branch is separated like that.


Boats. The anti-aircraft gun I need is only in boats. But Japanese boats are either for those who like to suffer or for historians. hehe

Going to have to disagree. The biggest problem with Naval is the same problem top BR ARB has… Maps are too small. BB, BCs and CAs are basically able to fire on the enemy team as soon as they spawn. As soon as the heavier ships are introduced, naval NEEDS to have bigger maps that don’t allow that. EC is fun, but isn’t for everyone. We need a middle ground between EC and the biggest naval map we have atm.

I personally though, love the bigger ships duking it out. Can’t wait for my North Carolina, South Dakota and Iowa.


Yeah I totally agree, bigger maps are definitely needed. I just can’t see a way to make cruiser vs BBs balanced or enjoyable, but yes I am also hyped for bigger BBs


Well, the cruisers would be the defense against smaller ships and planes. That would allow the BBs to fight the other BBs. Problem is, I regularly see BBs ignore each other to try to get free kills on smaller ships. Then complain when they eat torps.

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Maybe that has to do with the significant size difference between a costal pt boat and a super dreadnought battleship

  1. He didn’t say it was unrealistic, he said it was boring

  2. I’m not sure that it is realistic anyway, though, myself. They’re ALSO shooting proportionally larger guns… Is there historical evidence than two battleships duking it out take longer to sink than two destroyers duking it out?

more than enough, look at every battleship on battleship engagement and every destroyer on destroyer engagement excluding magazine detonations

example battle of the north cape: scharnhorst vs duke of york, first salvo fired: 16:48, scharnhorst sunk: 19:45
meanwhile if we look at the first battle of narvik or the engagments around guadacanal destroyers fights were over very quick

“Is there evidence?” “Well the evidence would tell you what you want.” Uh ok.

because somethings can be considered logic. Take a battleship with armour that has a big reserve of bouancy and a destroyer with no protection at all which are generally not know for their stability