Who here actually likes Naval and why?

Again, the battleship is also getting his with massively more and bigger guns, though. “Does a ship with 10x (or whatever) more armor and buoyancy stay up longer when getting his with also 10x stronger weapons?” Is not a common sense answer at all.

By analogy in Ground forces in the game, where I play, A heavy tank at 7.0 goes down just as fast to a tank destroyer at 7.0 as a heavy tank at 2.3 goes down to a tank destroyer at 2.3. Yes it’s bigger, has more armor, but the shell hitting is is also bigger, pens more, and has more explosive.

More compartments.

But also the bad guy has more guns (as in by COUNT not just caliber, so can hit more separate compartments)

I’m not saying I’m right, I’m saying it’s just not common sense either way. Is there a clear record of actual roughly 1:1 duels with known battle durations in history to look at instead of just guessing?

Also fought at 10x the range, so less hits scored.
Comparing a Tank against a battleship is problematic since the armour layout is very different: if we are looking at 7.0 tanks, let’s take a tiger 2 per example every shot you take only needs to get through one single plate of armour while a battleships armour looks like this depending on where you hit
Meaning a shell needs to go through multiple layers of armour.

If we want to take your tank analogy we would have 2 Stuarts that fight each other at less an 300 meters those are our destroyers and 2 Tiger 2s fighting each other at over 2000m. But yet again, tanks can be knocked out by one single hit. Battleships usually not because they have redundancy built-in and the actually critical areas are dispersed and very well protected

Why does multiple layers of armor matter? And again, redundancy is not obviously a winner when the enemy also has redundant GUNS. Tiger 2s that almost always took two hits to kill, but also had 2 barrels, would not be any clearly longer of a fight on average. (Or I guess just “two Tiger 2s vs two enemy Tiger 2s”)

This is just simply not obvious. And seems ridiculous to argue about when we could just LOOK UP THE TIMES in real battles. Or is that not available for some reason? Or just nobody here knows where to look?

I have already given an example of a battleship vs battleship engagement above, for destroyers it’s harder to find something since the engagements were over quick and hence we are looking at guns only you have to exclude destroyers sunk by torpedos which yet again was a very common occurrence when destroyers were involved

This is also probably the only 1v1 battleship engagement we have in history. There are battleships that sunk faster of course, per example we have a crippled Bismark which was mainly engaged by Rodney and Kinge George the V which opened fire at 8:47 with Bismarck sinking at 10:40.
But we also have ships that took way longer to sink like the Battlecruiser Lutzow during the battle of Jutland, she was engaged from 16:00 onwards by multiple ships (mainly princes royal and lion) and only sunk at 2:20am the following morning.

I like playing naval arcade. I play coastal more than blue water. Early on I would get slaughtered by the American PT-59. So I got one myself and returned the treatment in kind. It became my favorite all time vehicle in warthunder. I just enjoy spraying all those machine guns and 40mms too much.

Coastal just works for me and I am established enough to not worry about anything else. I make good SL and I don’t really need or want anything more. I usually am able to complete daily and special tasks in a few matches vs many in other modes.

Sure its ridden with bugs and bots (in game A.i and player bots), but I make due and have fun. Bot as they may, I don’t really recall them calling in CAS. If scrubbed by a bot I return with CAS myself and bomb them out of the match. I do pick my targets and often leave normal players alone and go after static/linear bots first since they really can’t evade well.

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I just for the life of me can’t understand how these maps were allowed to be added to the game. Most of them are so badly designed. Nowhere in the world do island clusters look like this. It seems like the tank map people made them. They’re not fun at all. There’s a couple of them that are O K, but that’s it. Most of them are extremely bad. It shouldn’t be maddening to play. I have a decent lineup with decent modification research, and I am just livid at the experience of grinding for this event. The match types are bad. You never get in range of a control point as a destroyer on Bluewater. The coastal maps are the most horribly designed maps in the entire game.

Take Golden Gate map with the cargo ships. Why are the cargo ships huddled outside of the bay entrance? Why are they not moving? Why can’t they be damaged? It’s a decent concept, but why not have it inside the bay itself? That map barely gets a pass just because of the familiarity of it and how often you play it as you grind, but there are so many identityless island maps that are so beyond horrible. I can’t even explain how some of them are so bad sometimes.

The ocean behaves badly inside compressed areas. There shouldn’t be waves in harborages or amongst heavy island density.

Where are all these naval battles happening amongst Island clusters??? There should be at most one landmass or one coastline, and spawns taking place on some such side of a rock so you can’t immediately be bombarded by torpedoes or volleys from spawn.

I think Artillery ability should be completely removed from Naval. Make the mode unique from Tanks, find more creative ways to add reach and summary kills. I suggest plane sorties dispatched by boats and ships, like directing the attack of an arriving squadron. Earn it with ship kills like in Tanks to dispatch larger or more complex sorties, so 1 is fighters, 2 is strike aircraft or dive bomber, 3 is bomber.

The maps should be huge, so people start somewhat out of range to decide which directions to concentrate or break off from. The buoy circles need to go, and there need to be map sections to control to determine splits or something. I don’t know, but the situation is bad. Nothing about this is fun. You don’t get points for evading shots when you’re the first ship targeted, so what is the point of this mode. It’s bogus.

Also the spawning is horrible!!! Everybody spawns so tightly amongst each other. There’s almost always some kind of collision. Starting off the match upsetting your teammates or being upset by your teammates is a horrible way to start things out.

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Naval used to be fun, nowadays it is low queue times at 5.3+ and it is also disconnect simulator since the servers for naval have never and I mean never been upgraded


Yet many people want WWII and Cold war split.

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Tell me how I’m supposed to enjoy Naval when 2 out of 3 matches, I have respawned in a battleship and been hit by torpedos with in seconds of respawning?

Also I have been rammed in 2 out of 3 of those matches by teammates in spawn

The second time I respawned into torpedoes, I was so damaged I had to sit still. I was then hit by 8 more torpedos.

It happens - but 2/3rds the time seems like a lot - I would have had that happen 2 or 3 times in all the time I have played naval that I can remember.

So replays or it didn’t happen to you either.

As for why - someone else noted great SL returns - naval pays for everything else I want to do.

And I have no problem with coastal or blue water - my lineups generally have both so I use whichever vessels seem most advantageous on the map in front of me.

IMO all the complaining about naval above is just typical WT - wanting more for less, requiring impossible perfection, etc… just meaningless noise to me.


I just got downtiered for the first time in history, and someone said I should enjoy the match, and I died to torpedoes.

I die to torpedoes in spawn at least once a day during event whether it’s costal or naval.

Getting downtiered means nothing because I just die to torpedos and they can maneuver faster than my sighting can adjust. Uptiered means I can’t kill anybody. This mode is going to make me quit the game