Which tech tree needs the most help

  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • All of the above

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Where is israel, sweden, italy


Italy is already on there, and Strv122 is arguably the best mbt in game so no

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so you are only caring about top tier okay good to know


Fax, feels like the forums are absolutely bloody riddled with just lazy coping and plsgibs.


Israel, 100%.

After that is still France even with recent additions, that’s how bad we were off.

Then China. They’re only getting carried off by Russian Bias drip feed and CCP money.

Italy is probably the best off out the the biggest losers.

U.K has been actually getting treated relatively well consistently. Only complaint would be if they don’t get AMRAAM for the Tornado.

Same with Sweden.


How about adding all nations to the poll…?

Israel definitely could use the most attention.

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Fill spaa holes in every nation.


None of these…

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Where is Japan? lmfao.


Israel, no doubt. The sheer amount of domestic vehicles that can be added isn’t even funny, it feels like Gaijin is hurting Israel on purpose.

Israel can easily get ranks I-III and it would be full with many domeatic arts-and-crafts from the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, many unique vehicles which were created due to embargoes from left and right.

Israel is also missing a ton of support vehicles, to the point where the TD and SPAA lines are merged, Israel has more and better ATGM carriers and SPHs than any other nation, and I really wanna see them ingame.

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You are missing a couple nations there… (Also didnt specifcy if ground, air, top tier, or anything else)
(poll is multiple answers)

Which nations need help the most?
  • America
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Britian
  • Japan
  • China
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Isreal

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You say that, yet the It0 is just as worthless as any other NATO SPAA and is getting beaten by a 10.0 IR/optical lock SPAA. The air situation for Sweden is even worse due to the viggen just being bad atm and no grippen being added just yet.

where’s france?

my edit was too late to fix the poll rip

Fixed it but the 10 votes are gone

Easy France atm, spaa gaps are still big, no stabilised tanks in the 8.0 region, no ifv’s. leclercs need work badly. Second to that is the UK imo with similar issues.

You can stick the merkava, type 10s and arietes in there too, type 10 still has the wrong transmition and all have paper armour. Atleast Italy, Isreal and france get good cas.

Italy just got an entire sub tree to buff them, France has had zero help for the longest time, Israel is relatively new in comparison. so France needs attention first.

Sure at 8.0 ish theres some pretty rough french tanks but the sk105 is an entire lineup on its own. Pair that with an amx10rc and the mephisto and youll have i decent time im sure.

Plus you can skip 8.0-9.0 entirely until they add some better stuff.

Ive still got 100k rp left on the mars 15 so i dont have much of an opinion yet. But i have played the jpz ka2.

I would love to see this get added to france.
As a counterpart to both the df105 and the 105mm SLR testbed also on the mowag shark.

So skipping an entire higher tier 8.0/9.0 BR bracket would indicate its has serious issues atm?. hence why i say its in dire need of help. 9.0 + with the amx40 is fantastic, I preferer playing it over the Leclerc’s tbh.