Which one is the tents module?

which part is the tents module in this airfield?

I had such a map saved somewhere and it worked during the last event


That is for the “modern” layout of the airfield in like BR 8.0+

why do you need to know that? (just curious)

One of my friends gave me this chart

oh there was a second chart for low tiers

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They don’t have an ammo dump area separate?

how much TNT is required to destroy a module?

Does each module require different amount of ammo? How fast does it repair?

Results will vary due to a set HP value in each BR bracket.

Also, each weapon can cause a certain damage value. So what you use is important and also the quantity amount that was dropped.

How many 2K lb bombs (Mk 84), 1K lb Bombs (MK 83) or 1K lb napalm bombs?

If you are referring to BR 8.0+, since I’m going by the fact you reference Mk 83/84 bombs. Then let’s just say it is going to require a lot of trips if you’re doing it yourself. That’s if you do it correctly at higher altitude using CCRP, and avoid getting within range of the Roland defenses. Allowing you to drop all bombs inside the target hitbox for max effect.

And I’m sorry, I won’t provide the actual number needed for any weapon. Nothing against those who enjoy bombing, but it can be abused by those who game the economy system since AFs are a large hitbox that cause a lot of exploitation problems for EC.

If you destroy the tents/accommodation first it prevents that and any further damage from being repaired.


Wait wait wait… Hold up second… there are different parts of airfield modeled in War Thunder??? I’m assuming this is in sim right? I’ve never seen “different” sections of airfield in RB or AB, at least not them doing anything special

Yeah, only in sim.

those 2 layout have distinct and visible placement of each module. also both have official layout in wiki. only this and one other layout doesn’t have guide.

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My favorite part of this post is how most of the items aren’t even rendered in this photo…

This game desperately needs documentation

The abusers already know this number and much more.