Which is the best BF109 is the best for air rb

Which is the best for.
Low altitude
Medium altitude
High altitude

Idk for “low” Alt as much, but from what I’ve played I found that the E’s do do best at lower altitude

For “medium” I’d say F’s (it’s also my personal favorite)

For “high” I’d say Late G’s and the K.

My personal favorite and most used one is the F-4 like I already said. I also find that it’s borderline OP in the right hands and situation

This is dependent on BR played. You are asking for a super general answer

Around the 4.3 area

assuming you mean planes that can see 4.3, the G-14 is probably the best at high altitude, but the G6 is very close iirc. The 109F4 is probably the best at medium altitude, and also probably the best at low altitude. The 109G2 is very comparable to the F4 in my experience as well.

Alright good to know thanks.