Which Country Has The Worst SPAA lineup/options*

(in the Reserve to 8.0 ish BR)
Asterisk * = This is all primarily in regards to Shooting down planes, effectively

  1. Sweden (as in THE worst, by far)
    Basically everything up to 8.7 VEAK 40 is absolute trash

  2. USA (Distant 2nd) but still, the only thing keeping them decent is low tier M13/15/16
    Then a HUGE gap from the M16 at 2.7 to 7.7 (for Reliable SPAA at shooting down planes)

So yeah… by FAR the worst SPAA lineups/distribution in the game is Sweden. and its not even close. It needs the French Treatment and needs to be given good/fast shooting SPAA, about 3 or 4 from 2.0 to 7.7 ish

Then USA needs 1 or 2 more SPAA that are Good at killing planes in the 3 - 6 BR range

USA needs the ADATS to get it’s SPAA designation back. Calling that thing a tank destroyer is an utter joke.


i mean… sure? kinda a different topic tho, or at least a sub/unrelated category

Well you said:

Then USA needs 1 or 2 more SPAA that are Good at killing planes in the 3 - 6 BR range

In my opinion, the biggest hole in US SPAAs is from 10.3+, where they have nothing. The LAV is your best option at 12.7.

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ah, i gotcha… and yes, i agree, but im talking about the huge gaps in reliable/good SPAA, that can actually kill planes, in sweden, USA (And a couple others, but its mostly Sweden BY FAR, and a bit of USA)

As well as 8.0 ish and below… since i you know… legit Opened with that clarification. but yes i get what you mean.

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Japan is sub-par, too for most of the BR ranges.
I think, it is easier to list the countries with good SPAA:

Italy (except top tier)

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Britain is a mixed bag. They are decent up to 10.3, then they get nothing lol.

the stormer is a hit or miss, especially with 130+ ping

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Quite literally. It has no proxy-fuse, so you need a direct hit.

Yeah I’m lucky enjoy to have very low ping, and even then the Stormer is still underperforming compared to engagement envelope graphs that Gunjob shared on the forum.

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I’d not put Britain on that list. We have some half decent SPAA here or there, but as an overall lineup it’s pretty bad. Are there worse yes, but there are also far far stronger lines ups.

And with the giant gaps we have, I’d prefer bad SPAA evenly spaced than the occasional meh ones

Yeah, I’m the same. Not had any phase recently, but it is probably one of the hardest SPAA to use. It needs something to augment it. A really strong 9.0 ISH would be perfect

i dont think it would even do well at 9.0
you see less heli and the planes are significantly smaller making missing easier

No, not saying the Stormer should be 9 ISH, but something like the Alvis thingy with 30mm gun and stingers at 9.0 ISH that could be used to augment up to 10.3+

One of the main issues is the launcher doesn’t calculate lead for a locked target, whereas in real life it does. IIRC they claim it’s a game engine limitation why they can’t model it (surprise surprise).

Yeah, no reason it couldn’t have the same lead indicator found on the marksman, to at least help you get close


Lgbt m/40? L62 anti 2? Lvkv 42? Zsu 57 2? All of them are great

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Sweden from 5.0 to Veak is pretty empty yeah.
USA 5.0 to 7.7 in that case.
Japan from 5.3 to 8.3.
Israel from 4.3 to 7.7.
China from 5.0 to 8.0.
France from 6.7 to 8.3.
Britain from 6.7 to 8.3.
[I use Bosvark and TPK in 6.7 lineups for France and Britain since they’re fine there.]

Of course Sweden, France, China, and Soviets have the best upper SPAA, with Germany following behind.

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Eh. As an America main id trade with you in a heartbeat. Im sure the japs would too.

They absolutely are NOT great, or even close to it.

They dont do their job of shooting planes down well/properly. Sure they CAN shoot down planes, IF they hit them… but basically the only time you can hit a plane with any of those is if they CAS player is BAD and flies in straight lines, for Very long periods of time, and close to you… Which id say is quite rare… So no, they are NOT good at shooting down planes, and certainly Not “great”

(exception being the zsu 52 2, with its better rounds and ability shoot planes down, but even then its still has issues. )

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