Which Country Has The Worst SPAA lineup/options*

The m/40, L62, and the Zsu are actually better TDs than SPAA which is kinda funny.

The lvkv is a pretty good SPAA, it just has almost no ammo.

yup, i agree.

Especially/primarily Side shots on tanks.

I am talking about SPAA primarily in regards to being able to shoot down planes tho… And all of swedens are absolute garbage (sure if you can hit them with the L62, m/40, ivkv then yeah, you will damage or kill them, but that means they have to be flying slow, low, and in a straight line… for long periods of time [and yes yes, you CAN get good with them and things like the m19a1, but that is Quite unreliable])

People tend to hate on UKs 20mm armed spaas at low tiers (ie.Skink, crusader with twin 20mm) due to gun performance, but the fact several of them have enclosed turret already puts them ahead of several other SPAAs at those BRs.

Every single tree has gaps.

SPAA is poorly implemented.

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nearly all swedish spaa have so less ammo that they are quite unusable vs. planes. esp. the 40mm require a number of rounds before getting the first hit.

bruh, my 300+ ping definitely will not benifit from that.

Well, if you’re only referring to the pure AA role (so no anti-tank capabilities), you’re mostly right: the 40mm sure shreds everything they hit,but their inferior ROF to the other counterparts sure is a problem.

It’s basically quality over quantity: American (and basically every other nation) SPAA at that range spam the skies with bullets,so any enemy plane is forced to maneuver hard,but Swedish SPAA requires a lot of accuracy. Plus,some of them really have a limited ammo count,so they can’t fulfill their AA role properly.

And yes, the American desperately needs more SPAA,they literally have an entire rank without one (it’s a +2 BR hole) and there’s also the smaller hole between the M163 and the M247.

“This is all primarily in regards to Shooting down planes, effectively”

i suree ammm

but yup, agreed. And i usually am (mostly) right :D