Which BR for pure WW2?

Dear community,

which BR is the highest one if i want a pure WW2 match, playing USSR or Germany.

Tanks up to 1947 are okay for me.

Thank you for your tips.

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Anything up to BR 4 is your best bet but you are never guaranteed USSR vs Germany and would be lucky to get such a match.Warthunder is not game for such realism in game unfortunately.
You can take a risk and play up to 6 but a hell of a lot of silly 70s and 80s stuff will creep in there especially if you are uptiered.

Some people may run a custom game with the parameters you require though ,look out for those.

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Thank you. I play WT for many years now and back then there were great WW2 battles. Now on BR like 5.7 you face opponents +20 years and more.

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I did and see you were not a brand new player after I typed ,sorry

I would love those days again on Warthunder.I always ask for a WW2 only version.I can only dream.


Maybe there are Warthunder Squadrons who arrange WW2 only battles.Would be brilliant.

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5.3 maybe. There are some SPGs at 6.3 but otherwise everythng in an uptier is still WWII


Considering there are postwar vehicles at BRs 4.0 and lower, the answer is none.

You can try sim. It also allows plenty of postwar vehicles in ww2 rooms, but fewer, and sometimes you do get only era relevant vehicles involved.


Strictly speaking this is true actually and should have been my answer.As a WW2 enthusiast who hates the era mix/mess I was thinking about not encountering non WW2 vehicles rather than addressing the USSR vs Germany element.

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Unless you count 1.0.

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PT-76B is 5.3 so 4.0 and under although at 2.3 you have the PBV 301 for Sweden which was designed in the 1960s although you can look at it it’s not menacing.

“truly authentic”

Play Simulator

Even simulator has era stupidity

Vehicles such as the R3-T20 make it impossible to have a match where you are 100% guaranteed to face only WW2 vehicles. However you can play them in the events. I’d recommend between 3.7 and 5.7.

probably like 5.3, but there are postwar vehicles at practically all BRs, mainly because BR is based on vehicle performance, and not the age or era it is from.

at least at 5.3, you are going to be seeing 90% WW2 vehicles, there are a few postwar vehicles in a max uptier to 6.3, and the aforementioned other postwar vehicles around the 5.3 BR (R3-T20-HS, PT-76 etc) but none of those vehicles are honestly very scary or annoying. (oh except that new Leopard 1 with a bofors on it is 5.0 until Gaijin grow some common sense and throw it up to like 6.7 where it should be)


Right now, playing 5.3 mostly means running into hordes of M109s, though. 😁

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War Thunder is the most realistic war game out.
You don’t know what realism means or you’re jerkin chains.

Might be for a child like you

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DCS, IL-2, ARMA, etc


Ah yes, you live in opposite world where all adults are children.
I get that you hate realism but the rest of us like it.

Arma isn’t realistic in any sector.
DCS is only catching up to War Thunder’s realism this year & last year. Clicky buttons doesn’t mean realism, and I know this cause I play both.
IL-2 is dated so it likely lacks realism in physics.

DCS is way more realistic than war thunder. And I’m fairly sure GHPC has better tank physics and simulations too.

This isn’t just physics, this is the situations you are put in. How you battle in war thunder is incredibly unrealistic, both in air and ground.


Joke take

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