Where is the special task permit for special task in Sb?

Where is the special task permit for special task in Sb?

Edit: sorry, i bad read the question: For the permit of special task, you just make the 2 daily missions (easy and medium).

More infos here:

Nope there in no medium task at all in Sb. Knives in the back of Sim players again from GAIJIN!

You mean you’ve completed the minor mission and the major mission doesn’t appear?
Wouldn’t it be more of a timer thing?
You’ve finished the minor mission too late and the timer arrives at 22 hours and you have to start a new minor mission.

22h GMT? Perhaps it is that, but i have to wait hours for verify it. thx.

no, 22h AFTER you complete the task, or 22h AFTER the previous mission’s refresh.

the previous daily refresh is at 6h pm, You dont finish your daily tasks before the 22h timer, the new refresh is at 4h pm.
At this new refresh, you complete your 2 daily tasks at 8h pm, the nex refresh will be at 6hpm

And dont worry, if you doing daily task in AB or RB, you can choice the special task in SB.

At last, you HAVEN’T 2 mission in AB, 2 in RB and 2 in SB, BUT ONLY 2 daily missions, 1 easy and 1 medium. you can do taht 2 missions in AB, RB or SB independently.

Yep thx. All is fine just a curious start of the BP missions.