Rewards and daily missions

Hello dear players.

What are you getting out of daily logins? Are you worried about losing your connection bonus? What are daily missions for? How do you change your daily missions?

We’ll get to the bottom of it straight away. Just follow the guide.

-1°) Daily connections

Daily connections are counted 1x, on the first connection between 0:00 GMT and 23:59 GMT.

A) Daily rewards
These connections bring you rewards (backups, SL, boosters) divided into 3 types of packages:

  • Small trophy: basic prize awarded for daily connections.
  • Medium trophy: improved prize awarded for 5 consecutive days of connection
  • Big trophy: interesting prize awarded every 11 consecutive days of connection. These prizes offer backups of up to 1,200,000 SL or 300% to 500% boosts.

In addition, daily logins grant 1 to 5 points of battle-pass progression.

B) Special rewards
For certain durations of daily connection, you will receive a special “Veteran” reward in the form of a decal.
For 100 consecutive days
For 1 year
For 3 years
For 5 years
For 7 years
For 9 years

Click Here: Special rewards

C) Connection series resets
You’re bound to be worried about missing your daily connections and losing your current series. Don’t panic, GJ is quite nice about it:

  • If you miss 1 day of connection:

The series is reduced by 1 day: for example, you go from 125 days to 124 days and continue from there.

  • If you miss 2 consecutive days of connection:

The series drops back to the last big trophy received: For example, you go from 127 days to 120 days and then the series starts again with the reward for day 121.

  • If you miss 3 consecutive days of connection :

They’re really nice at GJ, but your daily connection series is completely reset and restarts on day 1.

!! Detail ! You can maintain your connection by logging into your account on any device where the game is installed. 

If you’re in any doubt about your last daily connection, check your in-game messages (bottom right, economy tab).
The daily reward message will show the following messages:

  • You logged in 1 day ago, the daily reward has been reduced by 1 day.
  • You logged in 2 days ago, the daily reward has been reduced to the last big trophy.

-2°) Daily and special missions

A) Daily missions

Click Here: Available HERE

Every day, you’ll have 2 daily missions available, reset every 22h so you can roll over the reset time for those who don’t necessarily have the chance to play when the missions are reset.
These daily missions allow you to earn progress points (5 in total) to advance in the current battle-pass.

  • Simple mission: to be completed with a vehicle of rank 2 or higher. A fairly simple mission to complete, awarding 2 points for the battle-pass.
  • Medium mission: to be completed with a vehicle of rank 3 or higher. This mission is a little more complicated but still quite quick. This mission awards 3 points for the battle-pass and authorisation to purchase a special objective (see the following point C)).

the display of these missions is automatic and depends on the game mode chosen: Arcade, Realistic or Simulator.

Click Here: AB missions

Click Here: RB missions

Click Here: SB missions

B) Special missions
As we were saying, once you’ve completed an average daily mission, you can buy a “special mission” in the warbond shop for 30 warbonds (see spoiler below). You can earn these warbonds as you progress through the battle-pass levels.

Click Here: Warbonds shop access and special task token

These special missions grant 5 points for the battle-pass. You can accumulate purchase authorisations for these missions and complete several missions a day, one after the other.

!!! WARNING !!! Don’t make a mistake when selecting your mission because all the available modes are on the same page, so you have 8 missions available.

Click Here: Special Missions

Special missions also grant a battle trophy containing various rewards.

C) Changing missions
If the conditions of the proposed missions do not suit you, you can change them for cash according to the following scale:

  1. SL 1,000
  2. SL 5,000
  3. SL 10,000
  4. SL 10,000
  5. SL 50,000
  6. 50 000 SL
  7. 5 GE
  8. and following 10 GE

The change is available at the bottom of the selected mission. Feel free to select missions with conditions that suit you better, depending on what you play or prefer to do in the game.

!! Detail! When you change mission, a mission you've already swapped may come back in the choices.
Click Here: Missions swapping

!!! WARNING !!! The cost of changing mission is COMMON to all missions and accumulates with each change, regardless of the mode and mission changed.

This is the end of this guide, I hope you’ve found it useful. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and/or make any comments ;)